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Dr. Jennifer Daniels graduated from Nottingham High School in Syracuse, NY in from-the-PDF-photo1975. She attended Harvard/Radcliffe College. She was distinguished as a National Merit Achievement Scholar and a Radcliffe National Scholar. After majoring in Biology, she received her BA degree with Honors.

Dr. Daniels entered The University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, and at the same time, completed her studies at The Wharton School. She received her Medical Degree (MD) and her MBA concurrently at the end of 4 years. While in medical school, she was concerned that patients were not improving with the therapies she was being taught. She was told that the patients were poor and due to financial and educational limitations, were often not able to comply with therapy. Also, present methods were not perfect; half of everything being taught was not beneficial. The medical school staff did not know which half and ongoing research would sort it out.

While practicing medicine, Dr. Jennifer Daniels noticed that, despite compliance on the part of patients, the patients seemed to worsen under the care she had been trained to provide. She decided to give patients a choice between The Standard of Care, (doing nothing), and Natural Therapies, (diet, lifestyle, supplements, cleansing, herbs). Dr. Daniels found that the death rate in her medical practice went from four a year to zero. She also found that there were no more after-hour emergencies. This did not go unnoticed. Dr. Daniels did not know that the hospital was tracking which doctors were admitting patients, how many patients were being admitted, and how many of each type of tests doctors were ordering. She received a call one day from a concerned hospital representative. The person wanted to know where Dr. Daniels was sending her patients for hospitalization and where she was ordering her outpatient tests. She truthfully answered that she was only using their hospital. The representative on the phone said, “Oh.”

Soon after, Dr. Daniels got a phone call from the Vice President of a local HMO. He was concerned that businesses were refusing to offer his insurance to their employees because Dr. Daniels was not a participating doctor. Dr. Daniels explained that the contract she was required to sign obligated her to provide care to his members for up to 1 year without pay as long as the patients had paid their premiums to the insurance company. Further, Dr. Daniels could not extend that amount of credit to his insurance company at this time. The insurance company executive ordered her to sign the contract. When she refused again, he hung up the phone.

Soon after, Dr. Daniels’ favorite drug representative came to the office in a very angry state. Dr. Daniels invited her in and figured that whatever the problem was, it could be worked out. The drug representative demanded to know what was going on. She informed Dr. Daniels that one year ago, Dr. Daniels had prescribed over $3,000 of her drug and this year – nothing. Dr Daniels informed her that samples were still being dispensed and patients were still getting prescriptions. The drug rep said, “You are not even prescribing my competitor’s drugs! I demand to know what is going on!” Her demands were not met. Dr. Daniels was now aware that her prescribing practices were being tracked and had come to someone’s attention.

Dr Daniels took a holistic view toward medicine and life. She became aware of a bond issue that was going to borrow $30 million, give it to 3 private citizens, and have the rest of the citizens repay $45million via taxes. Dr. Daniels calculated the tax increase necessary and it was just enough to impoverish her patients and ruin her medical practice. She lobbied the state and city decision makers who had to ‘okay’ it. Nobody listened. She then organized citizens to write letters indicating that they were opposed to it and did not want their politicians to borrow or repay the loan. Dr. Daniels contacted HSBC who was originating the loan. After HSBC bank received 300 letters written by citizens and a detailed explanation as to why the loan would never be repaid, they refused to issue the money necessary to fund the bond that the politicians were going to obligate the citizens to repay. Dr. Daniels was not aware that the Governor had already been compensated to make sure this $30 million appeared.

Once the deal collapsed, there was a perfect storm. Drug companies, hospitals, insurance companies, and the government were unhappy with Dr. Daniels.

The Medical Board began investigating Dr. Daniels for the offense of reducing a patient’s blood sugar from 475 to 135 in one week with diet and exercise instead of using any pharmaceuticals. The patient was alive and well. Ultimately, the final charge was “failure to cooperate” as Dr. Daniels refused to reveal private records of patients that were unrelated to the complaint.

At no time was Dr. Daniels informed of the content of the complaint, who made the complaint, or what penalties the Medical Board was considering. After 3 years of legal actions and appeals, Dr. Daniels was placed on 3 years probation. Probation was deemed ‘violated’ when the board failed to receive a letter from Dr. Daniels. Dr. Daniels was then given the choice of surrendering her medical license or having it revoked. She elected to surrender it. As a result of this surrender, she has been placed on the ‘do not employ list’ and the ‘terrorist watch list’ which makes flying difficult.

While it is not clear what prompted the investigation, it is clear that a message was sent to other doctors in the area: do not give patients a choice and do not deviate from the Standard of Care.

Dr. Daniels now lives outside the United States and is dedicated to investigating and communicating to citizens an understanding of the system called ‘health care’ that harms so many. Her goal is to prevent as many recurring murders as possible through education.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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94 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I am 51 years old and have been diagnosed with severe rheumatoid arthritis. My doctor has informed me that I need total hip replacement, as my joints are basically gone. My first symptoms appeared about four years ago and now I am confined to a wheelchair, unable to walk even a few steps. My pain is excruciating even with a pain control regime of oxycodone and ibuprofen. I take enbrel injections twice a week. y platelet and white blood cell count is rather low, so surgery at this time is risky. I was wondering if you have any advice on controlling my pain as it has become unbearable so that each waking moment is agony. Thank you for your consideration and for your brave dedication and compassion in truly ministering to people’s needs.

    • Change diet, do coffee enemas & avoid toxins. Gerson therapy, barbara allan and turpentine therapy. I have RA for 22 yrs and was on drugs for 18 yrs. since 4 yrs ago, I have been drug free and pain is minimum and I’m waiting for complete true healing. I’m now 42 years old 😇 I hope you’ll find relief too.

  2. Are we able to acquire food grade turpentine in the US?

    I am unable to figure out your chattango address.

    You have some very unique viewpoints on personal care and I am very much trying to grasp your understanding. Much of it makes so much sense.

    Melodee Hallett

  3. Dr. Daniels,

    I am very interested in pursuing your Candida cure but I have some concerns and questions. I am allergic to all types of grains, corn, beans and even certain vegetables and fruits. My diet mostly consists of grass fed beef, organic chicken, organic chicken broth with veggies(such as squash, carrots, leafy greens), organic salads made from organic lettuce/tomatoes and bread/crackers made from almond flour (which I make homemade) and my fruit intake is limited to berries and bananas as other fruits don’t agree with my sensitive digestive system. Do you have any suggestions in how I can adapt your Candida cure by being able to use foods from my current diet? Thanks ahead of time for your valuable information and informative website!!
    Blessings to you and yours:)

  4. Dear Dr. Daniels,
    I Applaud your bravery and commitment to sharing your knowledge on obtaining true health. I just learned of your work two days ago when in total frustration I was searching for a cure for systemic candidiasis. I have suffered for years and am certain it is at the root of many of my challenges. In spite of many different methods of treatment, it never goes away completely. I am so hopeful, I can’t wait to try turpentine!
    Thank you for your work and all the sacrifices you have made.
    I am planning a trip to Panama. I would love to just talk to you! I have been an RN for 40 years and long ago became distrustful of “traditional medicine”. Sadly, even “alternative physicians” are still following ineffective treatment protocols.
    I have already filled out an application for a discovery session. I look forward to hearing from you!
    Thank you again,

  5. I have been listening you on the radio about turpentine and other things breathlessly. Thank You for millions. I love You . If you happen to come to Istanbul, be my guest! Thanks again.

  6. Hi Jennifer,

    Forgive the familiarity, but we’re kindred souls: you and I (being a very-sick older brother who has been fighting the ‘science’ of ortodox medicine for 40 years. Many decades ago Dr. Watson (Krick & Watson DNA-pioneers) wrote out a simple prototype for biochemical reactions: A + B >>>with 3 types of catalysts>>> X + Y. The 3 catagories of catalyststs is important becsuse most orthodox doctors only follow two in applying their ‘science’.
    The families of catalysts are: 1) ENZYMES; 2) CO-FACTORS -like co-enzymes, minerals, etc ; 3) a capital ‘delta’ sign that symbolizes ‘forms of ENERGY’. The startling part is that ENERGY is about more than counting joules (heat), but, magetic forms, ionic-forms of minerals, colors of light; sounds and many others involving kinds of electricity, even shape (phases) and temperature too – a major limiting facor for ennzyme use. Real world biochemistry takes seasonality and circadian rythmns as important. Where are any drugs or any orthodox medical practices tested with seasonality as one major influence?

    Keep up the fight!

    John (McDonell), Canada

  7. Dr Daniels, I want to start the turpentine but I don’t have a gallbladder it was removed in the late 80’s will that change the dosage or is a tsp and 3 cube 1cm still ok with out a gallbladder. Thank you for all that you do. Sincerely, Patricia

    • Hi Patricia – I hope this message finds you. I assume since you are ready to start turpentine therapy that you know which turpentine Dr. Daniels recommends and where to purchase it. Could you please take a minute and share that information with me? I would very much appreciate your help. Thank You, Christina

  8. Thank You Dr. Daniels all that you do, your my favorite … I tell everyone about you, and your paradigm shifting healing protocols. Thank you for saving my life and the lives of friends and family. I had full blown neuro lyme, candida and co-infections and practicing Candida Cleanser. Thank You from Northern CA coast … love, light ~Chaffee

  9. Hi whilst you was on peacefm id asked you the same question it was regarding hair growth. I didn’t get the name of what you had requested to use. Also I rarely have sex but still continue to take my contraceptive pill because is this doing me any harm?

    You was so great on the show listening to all your tips my mum suffers with her joint etc and takes 20 tablets a day surely she should feel better but she doesn’t. Its like her body relies on the drugs its awful. What you had mentioned its totally correct.


    • Hi Kyra, Anthony here from The Search Engine. From what I remember, The herb Dr Daniels recommended for hair loss was, Small willow flower herb
      Take 2 tsp steep in a cup take one cup in the morning and one cup at night.
      Thank you for listening to the show and for your input. It certainly was a great show.

  10. Dr.Daniels I am smiling to see your a Black women such as myself. I read your article about constipation being a silent killer and I really wanna Thank You for your work and your honesty. I was struggling over my choice to terminate a pregnancy because of constipation. I was put on a high fiber diet 8 years ago when I was told I had an anal fissure. This was a result of getting an enema w/o a stool softner after hip surgery. So I changed my diet an managed it well until this recent pregnancy. It started with acute nausea to severe dehydration to being put on Zofran. Nothing I did worked. All my usual foods an remedies was no match against the constipation side effect of Zofran. After three weeks it became so severe, I reopened the fissure, pulled muscles from straining, couldnt sleep, bend over, sleep, and my ability to walk decreased daily. I knew something was trying to take my life. I wept on the toilet and I wept at night. I resorted to pulling out the rocked chucks I could reach with my hand just to keep functioning. My lilly white doctor keep treating me like I was eating wrong, not taking it serious at all until I refused further treatment from her for negligence. I refused to be in a room alone with her, no longer trusting her knowledge. At 11 weeks pregnant I felt the same way I did, when I was about to give birth to my son at week 40. My 13 yr old and I was petrified as the days went on. When I got to the abortion clinic they said I had no color in my face and was completely slump over, nor could I sit because the of fissure. I wept when it was over, not because of guilt but outta complete relief. I felt in my spirit I was dying and heading toward a miscarriage. Now I know for a fact I was in real danger. I am 39 and appreciate the deeper understanding you’ve given me today, I know God has lead me to read about you, God Bless You. Love Niema

  11. Dr. Daniels, My 24 year old daughter has not had a regular period for a few years now. Today she was told she probably has Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, more test are needed to get the answer. She also has chronic constipation, which is remarkable as she eats a very healthy diet and exercises regularly. Have you had any one with POS get results with turpentine? Is hormonal imbalance related to candida?

    • Jill,
      Here is how I got rid of a scabies infestation I had a couple of months ago…
      After trying various natural methods for a couple of weeks, it occurred to me that scabies are an arthropod with exoskeletons, and that I had the best remedy ever found for insects and mites in my closet… Diatomaceous Earth! I purchased my food-grade DE at Savvy Herbs and Teas, but there are plenty of online resources on eBay and Amazon, for example. It is very inexpensive, it is nontoxic to people and pets (it’s a great way of getting rid of fleas, too!) In fact DE is used in some foods.

      So this is what I did. I put some DE in an empty spice shaker I had, shook it liberally in my hand, and applied it to the affected areas of my body just like talcum powder. I had no adverse reaction to the DE, even in those “delicate” areas of my body. I started to feel immediate relief (well, within minutes, much of the itching subsided).

      Then I took the same shaker of DE, applied it liberally on my mattress and the cushion of the chair I sit in all the time. I then used a broad paintbrush and made sure a little DE was applied to the entire area of the mattress and cushion.

      I put on a completely clean and uninfested set of clothes, and washed all clothing which might be infested in hot water with detergent and Borax, and dried them thoroughly in the dryer. I segregated clothing I knew was not infested in plastic garbage bags.

      The next day, I had some additional itching, and crawling sensation, and I re-applied the Diatomaceous Earth on my skin, and on the mattress and cushion. A short time later, all itching ceased.

      On day 3, I still felt some crawling, so I applied the DE to my skin once more (and changed my clothing again, washing and drying as above each day.)

      I’m pretty sure that did it on day 3. Trying to remember but if I did have a re-infestation later (from eggs hatching), all I had to do was re-apply the DE (just like talcum powder) on just the affected area, and that was the end of that. It sure was a relief!

      I hope this helps you and anyone else reading this comment, and that you get the same results (or better) that I did.

      There may be some residual redness and itching after the mites are gone, because they were defecating inside your skin while you were infested. Your body will eventually take care of these toxins. Plenty of Vitamin C and a healthy diet should help you with that.

      Good Luck!

  12. i just recently heard about you through some associates of mine. They gave me your web site and told me to go and listen, and I did. I just want you to know I was pleasantly surprised with what i heard. It was like an answer to my prayers. I had heard about turpentine once before from a holistic doctor, and also from an older sibling that told me my mom gave it to them as children I did not remember that but I do remember castor oil. My concerns are I am 60 years of age been diagnosed with high blood pressure and an irregular heart beat. The doctor tries to diagnose me as being a pre diabetic and high cholesterol. In spite of being very active I find it hard to lose the excess weight (I’m 5’1” and weigh 200 lbs) I try to eat healthy but must be honest I do crave sweets and potato chips. oh and i’ve been up and down with my weight since my twenties. Is there any advice you can give to help me? Thanks

  13. Wow! Dr. Daniels you are brave. I’m looking for assistance with what manufacturer you recommend for turpentine. I’ve been desperately trying to figure out what turpentine to purchase. I’ve read, on more than one reputable web-site:

    “The production of turpentine oil in the United States peaked in the 1950s. Georgia is the only
    remaining state that continues to collect pine balsam for the production of turpentine oil. Steam distilled
    wood turpentine was produced in the United States in the 1960s and 1970s. Since that time
    most of the turpentine produced in the United States is the by-product of the kraft pulping process,
    sulfate turpentine.”

    So with that, I’ve learned that there is the original (one my granny used on my scraps) gum turpentine,
    steam-distilled wood turpentine, sulfate wood turpentine, and destructively distilled wood

    I would guess I’m looking for the most effective. I purchased that Klean stuff from Walmart and it wouldn’t even clean my paint brushes nor does it have the smell.

    I suppose I’m looking for a product endorsement or at least be pointed in the right direction. Thanking you in advance for your time and assistance.


  14. Hi Jennifer,

    I am well aware of your travails with OPMC and feel for what you went through as they came knocking on my door thirteen years ago with a similar professional assassination motive spawned by someone within my department who cowardly wrote complaints under the anonymity of peer review laws. Anyway, I wanted to share the ongoing effort I have before the DOH in New York, since you are all too familiar. Hope you are well and have found peace from all of this. It would be so nice to see you exonerated as well for standing up to these monsters. A link to the information is below my name. Have a blessed day.


    James R. Caputo, M.D.


  15. I am 47 years old and gained alot of weight from having Children and no matter what I do, such as different diets, nothing seem to work. I recently went to the doctor and they gave me alot of medication, which went straight to the garbage and was told border line diabetic, high blood pressure issues, knee pain, hip pain, back pain, swelling feet, very low bladder and uterus. Recently had my thyroids checked, its fine. I desperately need your help on knowing what to do to loose this weight and be healthier to be able to live longer for my husband and 3 children. HELP ME PLEASSEEE DR DANIELS…….

  16. Dear Dr. Jennifer Daniels, Thank you so much for being such an honest caring person, it is so appreciated. Wherever you are, your patients are very lucky to have you.
    Luckily, I was raised to eat properly, and at the age of 65 am the same weight as I was in high school. I continued to eat properly 99 percent of the time, and continued to read about staying healthy and eating healthy being the most important.
    I experienced bad doctors in my 20s. I had a doctor that wanted to put me on a high blood pressure medication. I told him, that I had just completed a 5 hour lunch rush, and that was why my blood pressure was high. and the next time I would see him, I would come on my day off. Which I did. And I had normal blood pressure! He also wanted to put me in the hospital for an urine infection. I told him I did not have health insurance. (I think this is for the best.) My doctor then said he would send me to an urologist, informed me that my drinking lots of water was reducing the infection, and he would give me an antibiotic to help. The urologist was very cheap, and I was very happy.
    So I learned early that one can not trust many doctors.
    again, thank you so much for myself and others,

  17. Dr Daniels a friend of mine told me about ur journey 2 heal mankind naturally. I’m unable 2 find ur book confirming ur research is a threat 2 those that want 2 make a buck over life! I’ve suffered from chronic health issues that I’m convinced is from an overgrowth of yeast. Unless I take GERD, antibiotics or other meds no one wants 2 address this subject. After many years of trying 2 find out what’s wrong I c why! They don’t want me well, just dependent & broke from RX’s. Sad that we’ve resorted 2 what I’ve done a paper on called “Eugenics”. Survival of the fittest & 2 hell w/the weaker species. I’m scared 2 try the turpentine (honestly). I bought Olive Leaf Extract right now. Don’t know what the results will b. Don’t give up the fight! Someone is listening & believes that there is still hope that we can b well & not cost our life savings 2 do so. (Woman w/issue of blood story n the bible). God bless u.

  18. Jennifer I am listening to you on One Radio Network and Patrick has not mentioned organic sulfur to you who are so jazzed about turpentine, organic sulfur. We study organic sulfur in the biology of man and their biology is functioning as designed, similar to that from conception. Sulfur sulfates out all of the toxins out of our biology,
    unfortunately we are all sulfur deficient. My comments are the results of 509,000 living study members, all still breathing and not complaining about any health issues.
    Regarding vision you are a -3.00 near sightedness I was a -4.50 for 60 years now I and Cindy are now -2.00
    being our eyes are getting shorter, biology regenerating.
    Jumping Jack Flash the movie, do you recall a little Black woman in a phone booth, was that you?

    Got sulfur?

  19. Jennifer dear, my refractive error for ever -4-50 x 4.00 at 110 degrees is now -2.50 x 4.00 at 110 degrees.
    2 dozen cataracts have gone missing, one doc was pissed he had spent the fee already. Turpentine is sulfur.
    Patrick has mentioned sulfur often but not with to you but the organic sulfur is what you are dealing with.
    We have no distributors in Panama nor Thailand. Jumping Jack Flash does not ring a bell.
    You are not alone seeing the foolishness of medicine when our health is our responsibility.
    OUr phone number in Murray Utah is 801-290-2013, even for lone wolves named Jennifer.
    Patrick McGean
    Cellular Matrix Study
    body Human Project est. 1999
    515,000 breathing, healthier, humans in 78 countries.
    Sulfur works!

  20. You are a true Healer, and your commitment , bravery and actions help and Inspire many.
    I found you by accident looking for help with a bad parasitic infection in Hawaii where I live that I have had for about a year and is affecting my whole health. The doctors are sending me for Xrays.Ultrasounds and loads of blood tests But even though I have provided many sample of the parasites I have passed they say The tests are “Negative for Human parasites” I just need to identify them and treat them. Will try Turpentine next.

    Thank and bless you!

  21. I salute you, you are one of few Doctors that actually took a stand! Love your story and program with Clive de Carle, please continue the positive work you are doing.

  22. I wish there were more doctors like you! I need to find a doctor in my area, i have lupus and i refuse to be on all these drugs, thankGod for you! what would you do for a lupus patient?

  23. Just watched your video from UK on E11 pure turpentine. I never did hear the effective lowest number of “drops” (how much is a drop?) to mix with 1 Tablespoon of unrefined sugar.

  24. I have 16oz. Organic Turpentine from Diamond G. Have applied twice topically to knees, big toes, belly button, & underarms. Having strong reactions. Am I just irritating these buggers & not taking enough to kill them? Or is this indication I am super sensitive? Intend to take with sugar cubes, but am somewhat hesitant. What little I have applied I have expelled 2 nests or clumps candida.

  25. Dr. Daniels:
    Have you ever treated Sjogren’s Syndrome and SFNP patients with turpentine (pine gum extract)? If so any success stories to share?

  26. Dr. Daniels I am 100% disabled veteran of Vietnam I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2010. I would very much appreciate talking with you. I would like to meet and talk with you at your earliest convenience . My main concern is trying to overcome some of the problems of Parkinson’s presents to me. I currently take two 250 mg tabs every 3 hr. 24 seven. My email address is Ricker – 1945 and Comcast.net. My home phone landline is 423–6 39–42 30. My cell phone number is 423823 – 4969. Is there a way to start with either your capsules. Or is there a method to start your therapy by completely stopping the car dopa levodopa? The card opah levodopa is of great concern to me. Your therapies do really excite me and also gives me hope. Please please help help my situation. Thanking you in response for your time out-of-state and experience very best regards Marshall C. Ricker.retired architect.

    • Hi Jewel,
      Heart failure responds very well to dietary intervention. I recommend you listen to the Heart Disease Hoax radio replay on this site and that you do a discovery session to get individualized information about what may be causing your particular condition. Click this link to find out more. http://vitalitycapsules.com/discovery-session-2

      Thank you.

    • Dear Lynn,
      Thank you so much for your comment. Dr Daniels always makes time reading these and she really appreciates it. Please continue to listen to her future Radio Shows.

      Thank you,
      Special Assistant to Dr Jennifer Daniels

    • Hi Candace,

      My name is Shalee. I am Dr Daniels’ assistant. Thank you very much for your email. The best way to address your concerns is a Discovery Session with Dr Daniels.

      A Discovery Session is your opportunity to share your concerns with Dr Daniels, explore solutions and learn about opportunities to work with Dr Daniels to address your concerns.

      Click this link to apply. http://vitalitycapsules.com/discovery-session-2

      Supporting Your Healing,

      Special Assistant to Dr Jennifer Daniels

  27. I just wanted to make sure the tea you recommend for hair growth is indeed Small Willow herb flower. Thanks so much for all the good work.

  28. June 19th you mentioned a patient witha blood sugar of 900 that you brought down to 96 in a week. Do you offer a protocol for lowering blood sugar like this? I have a 300 lately, and my dr wants me on Metaformin & Lisinpril? I dont want to take any medications if I can avoid it. Help?

    • Dear Jimmy,

      Dr Daniels recommends her report here: vitalitycapsules.com/candida
      This report may be all you need. It talks about Candida but helps Diabetes as well. For individualized guidance, click here to talk with Dr Daniels.

      Dedicated to Your Healing,

      Special Assistant to Dr Jennifer Daniels

  29. WOW , I’ve always heard of the corruption of the “healthcare” system, how deadly and corrupt this world that we live in, so greedy,nobody cares about the lives of sick people in the healthcare system. I am so thankful to God that you were so courageous, that was a giant. What a sad reality, all the best to you. You are brilliant!!!

    Currently, my daughter, 3yrs old and I are having some digestive problems, it’s almost been 6 mos. I have no idea what it is, but in researching symptoms, it seems like it might be a parasite. Our blood work comes back normal, and I am awaiting stool results for blood and parasites. Initially, my daughter was the one with the flu like symptoms, and runny green bowels. Afterwards, the fever, and everything went away but her bowels movements were not the same, The next thing I knew I had dark stools, and diarrhea for days, I took Peptobismal, made things a little better, my stools have not been the same. I started losing weight, having weird head aches, my doctor tried to prescribe anti-depressants. I did not fill the prescription. Currently we are both having white specks in our stools, we both go more than we use to go. Plus,my daughter frequently has dark green stools.

  30. My name Denise Spragley and i suffer from Congestive heart failure after effects.i take 4 insulin injections..with Losartan..Coumidin.
    Coreg and lipitor. Do you think your products can cure my bilateral blood clot and remove my depenfency on novolog 70/30 insulin and the rest of the pills i take.

  31. My name is Denise Spragley and i suffer from Congestiveheart failure after effects with diabetes that require me take 4 insulin novolog 70/30 insulin injections per day along with Losartan 50 mg.folic acid.carvedilol 12.5 mg.atorvastatin..Do you think your product can cure me of my insulin dependency at least!

    • Dear Denise,
      No effective products would be safe to take with your medications. You need to start with lifestyle changes that would allow you to taper off your dangerous medications. Then effective alternative products could be started.

      Dr Daniels does have a program to do this. To find out more, click here.


      Dedicated to Your Healing,
      Special Assistant to Dr Jennifer Daniels

  32. Hi Dr Daniels, your story saddens but doesn’t surprise me. My partner is studying to become a doctor and he will be the same kind of doctor as you, so we are gearing up for issues… we live in Australia so hoping it might be kinder that what you experienced. My partner was under the care of doctors/psychologists and psychiatrists for almost 30 years. When we met he was on a range of medications and he was still only just surviving. I encouraged him to see a biochemical doctor and he was diagnosed with Pyrolle Disorder and undermethylation. Two weeks into treatment (mainly high amounts of B6 and zinc) he made dramatic recovery, and that recovery has continued to escalate and here we are 9 months down the track, he is bursting with energy, has a clear mind, no more mental health, no more physical problems.. its truly a miracle. Of course after the initial anger of having suffered for so long when the cure was known and so simple, he decided he needed to give back and has begun his study towards becoming a doctor. We are both very interested and sympathetic to your story, you are a light in the darkness. We are trying your turpentine protocol today!! very excited. Sending love and light and blessings to you – Leonie and Dom :)

    • Thank you very much for your comment and encouragement. I am pleased with your progress and welcome you to the movement for Natural Healing.

      Dr Daniels

  33. Dr. Daniels,
    I want to tell you that I am so proud of you and the stand you took took for TRUE HEALTH CARE! It is a disgrace and a joke what they call health care in this country. I am about to embark upon the turpentine journey as soon as I have verified the purity of what I have purchased. Dr Daniels, there are so many seeking answers, spiritually and physically. Thank you for your courage. We love you, continue to pray for you, and so glad we have been introduced to your amazing work! Keep going! Blessings and much love.

    • Dear Tia,

      Thank you so much for your comment. Dr Daniels always makes time reading these and she really appreciates it. Please continue to listen to her future Radio Shows.

      Thank you,
      Special Assistant to Dr Jennifer Daniels

  34. Dear Dr. Daniels,

    I have just read your biography on your website after I read a review on Amazon which included your name.

    You are a True Angel and Healing Hero to me. I have been researching natural medicine for years and have admired the true courage that many Doctors have shown in the light of the persecution they have endured.

    I was wondering if I may have a consultation with you. I am prepared with the fee. Thank you and May God Continue to Bless and Protect you as you heal and save lives.

    Best Wishes,

  35. Hi, I’m 43 and 115lbs and I’ve been taking 100% gum spirits turpentine for a week now every other day w the dosage of 1 tsp of turpentine w a tablespoon of sugar. The third dose of this gave me terrible nausea that lasted a few hours. I had to lie down and try to sleep. On the fifth dose I upped the dose to a TBS of Turpentine with a tablespoon of olive oil. I was so ill I couldn’t see straight and had dizziness. That lasted an hour and I will never take it again. Now a day later, my stomach started aching after eating homemade mushroom soup for breakfast and hummus for lunch w gf pretzels. I was in terrible pain within 15 minutes of lunch that I bloated and had to vomit my lunch. Im afraid I did damage from the turpentine. Can you please advise me here what I did incorrectly. I don’t have health insurance and if I go to the Dr or ER they’re going to chastise me for taking turpentine. Much thanks!

    • Dear Stacey,

      Thank you for your comment. Please download the Candida Cleaner Report. Your situation was discussed in there.
      Get the free report here: vitalitycapsules.com/candida

      Thank you,
      Special Assistant to Dr Jennifer Daniels

  36. Hi,

    Have you ever had any patients or heard of someone with fibromyalgia from oxalate toxicity? And if you have, is this infectious related (like Lyme or parasites, etc)? If I flex any muscle anywhere on my body, it hurts. Feels like intense burning (like lactic acid buildup). It’s 24/7. Doesn’t come in cycles.

    I’d REALLY appreciate your thoughts on this as it’s completely ruined my health. Any tips or advice is appreciated. I plan on doing turpentine therapy really soon. Thank you so much for the work that you do. You’re very brave. I listen to you on One Radio Network and other places all the time.

    • Hi James,

      My name is Shalee. I am Dr Daniels’ assistant. Thank you very much for your email. The best way to address your concerns is a Discovery Session with Dr Daniels.

      A Discovery Session is your opportunity to share your concerns with Dr Daniels, explore solutions and learn about opportunities to work with Dr Daniels to address your concerns.

      Click this link to apply. http://vitalitycapsules.com/discovery-session-2

      Supporting Your Healing,

      Special Assistant to Dr Jennifer Daniels


    • Hi Blaise,

      My name is Shalee. I am Dr Daniels’ assistant. Thank you very much for your email. The best way to address your concerns is a Discovery Session with Dr Daniels.

      A Discovery Session is your opportunity to share your concerns with Dr Daniels, explore solutions and learn about opportunities to work with Dr Daniels to address your concerns.

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      Supporting Your Healing,

      Special Assistant to Dr Jennifer Daniels

  38. Dear Dr. Daniels
    My name is Marina. I am contacting you regarding 2 close friends. One is 58 and the other is 24 years of age. Bothe have rhumatiod artheritise.
    We were looking for a natural path . Till I heard of you from my friend Agnes who’s daughter had Autism. I met Kylie when she was 3 and do believe you could help my friends.
    I have been looking for your book on Amazon but they no longer carry it.
    We would be greatly appreciate your help and guidance.
    Sincerely Marina

    • Hi Marina,

      My name is Shalee. I am Dr Daniels’ assistant. Thank you very much for your email. The best way to address your concerns is a Discovery Session with Dr Daniels.

      A Discovery Session is your opportunity to share your concerns with Dr Daniels, explore solutions and learn about opportunities to work with Dr Daniels to address your concerns.

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      Supporting Your Healing,

      Special Assistant to Dr Jennifer Daniels

  39. Hi …
    Good to know u lovely doctor

    I have a case of devics disease (similar to MS)very keen to learn holistic choice of therapy

    Can she comes to u as an in patient

  40. My husband has morgellons and I was wondering if u have worked with people with this condition. What would u recommend. I’m also very worried that my kids family members friends and my self could contract this desease. What would u recommend to do so we can stop this in its track. Please let me know what ur suggestions are.

    Ur sincerely Ange

  41. Candida was discovered in my esophagus and my whole chest cavity in 2009. It affected the lining of my heart and caused a bout with afib. I was given a liquid medicine called Bactrim that caused my blood pressure to drop to a dangerous level and was not able to complete the treatment. Not knowing the severity of candida at that time, I went untreated until the end of 2015 when I discovered I had parasites after completing a liver cleanse. After 10 months of not consuming gluten, carbs, sugar, and taking parasite cleansers, detox teas, medicinal teas, and diatomaceous earth, the candida and parasites are still present. I’m quite sure the candida has spread throughout my body. My tongue is coated, my hearing has been affected, my sinuses are swollen, and I get bites in my head from time to time, especially when I’m attacking the parasites. I sought emergency treatment at one point and was told that I didn’t have parasites because we don’t get them in America. They considered me crazy for using alternative medicine and refusing prescription drugs; therefore, it’s me, Jesus my Healer, and the doors He opens. I’m excited but apprehensive about taking turpentine because as I read through the comments listed here, someone made a statement that turpentine is sulfur. I’m allergic to sulfur. Is this a true statement? I’m praying that this is something I can take.

    • Dear Gail,

      I am so glad that you are continuing on your journey to health. There is no sulfur in turpentine.

      Be sure to get your FREE report at vitalitycapsules.com before you use turpentine to be sure that you do it correctly.

      Dedicated to Your Healing,

      Special Assistant to Dr Jennifer Daniels

  42. Currently pregnant. First trimester. I found out about turpentine few weeks ago. Is it safe to take turpentine while pregnant? I found out I am expecting yesterday and my turpentine got delivered today…….do i wait till after delivery or do i take it in the recommended dosage?

  43. Dear Dr. Jennifer Danieles

    i´ve been following your work. Thank you for opening my eyes and my mind. There should be more people on this earth like you. Unfortunately that is not the case. I hope very much this will change in the future. I live in Germany. First time i heard about Turpentine was in your interview on Youtube and i really wanted to try it as i have some health isues. I´ve been trying to order 100% Pure Gum Spirits of Turpentine. I looked for it everywhere online for days and could not find any other then Diamond G. Forrest but they don´t ship to Germany:-( Goverment Policy-They don´t import Dangerous Goods. Haha. Sure. I do not belive that crap. Anyhow. Do you know any company that is reliable and produces pur Gum Spirit of Turpentine in Europe? And the other question is: is Pure Pine OIl the same as pure gum spirit of turpentine?-one does not find this info on interet neather. If that is the same thing do you know any company in Europe you would suggest? Thank You very much in advance. Wish you all the best with your amazing work i will follow it! Bless you! Kindest Regards, Lea

  44. Dr Daniels,
    I’ve had an inguinal hernia since October 2016. I’ve been trying and hoping to heal naturally; eating healthy and daily exercise to strengthen abdominal muscles. I’m needing to wear a truss all the time except while sleeping. I’m 56 and very active in my maintenance position. I developed a strong discomfort on other (left) side and went to see a doctor (I very rarely go to drs!) and he diagnosed me with hernias on BOTH sides! Discouraged, I thought I’d ask your opinion. Would you recommend surgery?

    • Hi Craig,
      My name is Shalee. I am Dr Daniels’ Assistant. I am sorry to hear that things are not going well with your health. That’s never easy.
      The good news is that we are here to help.
      The best way to address your concerns is a Health Discovery Consultation with Dr Daniels. This is your opportunity to share your concerns with Dr Daniels, explore solutions and learn about opportunities to have Dr. Daniels create a health protocol for you to help you eliminate your health challenges once and for all.
      Here’s how you can apply for this consultation, click here —> http://vitalitycapsules.com/discovery-session-2

      Dr. Daniels health protocols are super effective, I am excited for you to experience the consultation and hope you get to work with her further. Your health depends on it.

      Supporting Your Healing,
      Shalee (Special Assistant to Dr Jennifer Daniels)