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  1. Hi Dr. Daniels,

    You are absolutely AMAZING!!! I’m listening to you right now on Extreme Health Radio. I laughed out loud when you said that you were in St. Lucia and you felt that the people here were so unhappy. I’m actually from St. Lucia and I’m still leaving here right now and I must say unfortunately you are right lol. However, we still need you here and your expertise so please consider moving back here, at least for a while. I would love to assist and be of service to you. That being said I’m extremely fascinated about your Turpentine story. I’m still listening to the show on YouTube and I want to encourage you to continue such an awesome work that you are doing. I will definitely write you again at the end of the show. I’m loving your message so much. Turpentine is sold in St. Lucia and people use it to put in water and disinfect and mop and clean their homes. It’s very common to here to clean stuff here and it has a very strong smell. Is it the same Turpentine that we should use? Or is there a food grade one that I should get. Please let me know and continue sister, I’m here for you when you decide to return to St. Lucia…smile!!! :)

    Tessa John

  2. Hi,

    Regarding candida cleaning, how long must one be on that type of diet? I eat quite healthy; however, this is fairly brutal. For a very active person, I am afraid I would be starving all the time. Long term, I do not think I could do it forever. How do you do this?


  3. Dear Dr. Daniels

    I am a woman of a young 70 years of age that has been diagnosed with
    Type II Diabetes about a year ago. I was put on two drugs, ( I refused all the others) 1, Metformin and Glimepride. I absolutely hate them. They
    cause so much muscle and joint pain that I mess with not taking them regularly. My question to you is: With the turpentine treatment have you had any success with this disease? I have read about the 30 day cures that are basically vegetarian and it is not something that I can easily do. I have a perfectly healthy husband that I prepare regular meals for and it is difficult to not eat them. OUr finances are such right now that I can’t afford all the organic food but get as much as I can. Would the turpentine have any effect on this condition?

  4. Hi I saw the youtube video and heard the audio files. I would like to know more about your program/treatment. I wasn’t able to find any info on the process.
    Can you help me

  5. good day Dr Daniels

    i have heard about your candida cleaner, however i am based in south africa and cannot find a place that sells your products.

    i am riddled from head to toe with candida. i am a type 2 diabetic as well.

    please advise what i can do to improve this situation.

    many thanks

  6. Dr Daniels,
    I’ve been having mass cell uticaris for 7 months now. I am now gluten free and on the low histamine diet per my doctors orders. I am also allergic to red dyes, onions and dust mites. I still have outbreaks even after a month on the restricted diets. I have covered all of my bedding and furniture in dust mite covers. I take antihistamines but am worried I’ll be come immune to them before the doctors can figure out what’s causing my hives. I’m concerned that your pills have invfeskenfs in them that I’m not supposed to have on the low histamine gluten free diets. Also would your pills affect the antihistamines that I’m taking? I try to get off of them for testing and it’s completely intolerable. Also how do I know if I have an overgrowth of Candida at home? Are there any home testings for it? Any help is appreciated!

  7. Hello Dr. Daniels,

    I learned about you RBN. I wanted to “like” and “Share” your info. on facebook and LinkedIn. Do you plan on connecting to these social network sites? I hope so.

    Thank you,

    Lorrie Rutledge

  8. I too would love to hear Dr. Daniiels talk
    about leaky gut and candida. I have had
    this problem for years and it never
    completely goes away. I have depression
    because of it. It is very frustrating dealing
    with the medical establishment because I
    don’t think they know that 90 per cent
    of one’s serotonin receptors are in the
    gut. So they give people anti-depressives
    and think that is going to solve the problem.
    Thanks, Patricia

  9. Tha`nk you for your immediate response…However lack of finances are also a challenge I am having right now as well..I was laid off as a school teacher on my island home and used up all my savings over the past 2 and half years trying to survive and deal with this medically condition of heavily bleeding and fibroids. Through the Grace of God I came across a Youtube clip where Dr. Daniels was being interviewed about the use of turpentine. I haven’t been able to listen to it all because I am in the hospital as we speak..Doctor is not giving me any thing to stop the bleeding in hopes that I will sign on for the hysterectomy. However my will is strong. I just pray my blood levels hold up long enough to be released from the hospital so I can find the materials to start on the turpentine once I read and listen more about it. I thank God for people doing the service of Dr. Daniels..

  10. Hi Dr. Daniels,
    I just ordered Vitality Capsules.
    I have no large intestine due to surgery.
    I’ve been colonless for 30+ years.
    What advice would you give me regarding your product?
    Would drinking more water then 1 qt/60lbs?

  11. Hi Dr Daniels, I called in on last week’s show from West Hartford, CT. I was wondering if you could do an episode on Adrenal Fatigue. – Chris

  12. Dr, Daniels what is your protocol for treatment of type 11 diabetes and have you seen it treated successfully ? Please inform me of your answer on my e-mail. Thank you LAURIE

  13. Hi Dr. Daniels,
    I have watched and listen to quite a few of your programs and you are completely right about our wacky health system. I was wondering would balasam fir extract or pine bark or pynecgol(sorry for the spelling) have the same results as turpentine? Would they cause less die-off effects? I am asking because the person who is interested in taking it has a chronic wound, diabetes 2, deperession, and many other health problems. Also when they were reading the symptoms of candidasis they think that they might have be infected with it their whole life.

  14. Dr, Daniels what is the result of taking turpentine on type 2 diabetes and is there a known cure for it please help Laurie winkles

  15. Do you have a cure that has worked for diabetes type II? I used to be ridiculously thin and now I am overweight. Can’t lose a pound and starve all the time.

  16. Is oral ingestion of turpentine safe for your tooth enamel? If it has anti-oxidant properties what pH or ORAC value might it be?

    • Yes, it”s not for the squeamish. You must be very determined that sickness , and premature ageing will not be your end . Life has a pain allways befor the reward . After two months of every four to five day entervals , my skin is starting to renew and smooth wrinkels , not extremely but it showes . energy level has picked up a couple levels . Dr. Daniels that old girl specks the truth . I started out slow at firest and found that two tee spoons was my primer , and i am a 200 lb. guy very fit .When at first i reached the secound tee spoon dose i begain to hallucnate . It was as like my health got a kick start and my mind was racing , after a minute or so i began to smile , then I began to pass little black ringlets as my lower bowels had cleaned out the plumbing. The rice type bugs came out . A nest of unwanted guests . Kudos ! Jen, Kudos ! My health has for ever changed . I truly hope your town has given you the key to the city, our a parade in your honor, a true Champion of peoples Health .

  17. Dr. Daniels,

    Thank you for your courage. You are truly a pioneer woman. I am at my wits end with candida esp. vaginal. Question: if I am following the diet but am not having 3 bowel movements (but just one) a day can I still administer the turpentine if I do enemas? If so, how many days do I do the enemas leading up to and after? I am very thin- 92lbs after being on the candida diet for 3 months and I’m concerned about getting thinner with no fats. How do I keep the weight on? I’ve found digestive enzymes make me constipated. How long do i stay on the diet you prescribed?

    Deep Gratitude for your feedback,

    • To Emily,
      Do what works for you. You do not need to have three bowel movements a day to take turpentine, nor do you have to use the enemas or colonics regularly.
      You must go with how your body is and how it responds.
      Daniels provides the information. It’s up to you as to how you use it.
      If you are low weight, only 92lbs, you need to start taking some protein and fats into what you choose to eat. You can still take the turpentine with this.
      I hope you are not staying on the detox diet. You will not get enough nutrients.
      Daniels does not advocate staying on the detox diet for a long time.
      Check out her report which you can get off the internet.
      Be well and all the best for your journey :)
      Kit Campbell – The Irritable Brain Syndrome

  18. I just heard your interview with Patrick Timponie, and I have to tell you how impressed I was with the interview. You are the real deal and personable too. P.S. I’m leaving the country too–try Ecuador if and when…


  19. Hi Dr. Daniels! I have seen your videos and have read your online bio. I must start by saying that I admire the love that you have for Gods people to take such a risk in saving the lives of others. My name is Kellie Smith and my story has me a bit confused, but maybe you can help me out some. In 2005-06 I was diagnosed with Rhuematoid Arthritis. I have been on different types of medications for the disease, but I just didn’t feel myself taking them, so I was always trying to find a way to avoid having to stay on them for the rest of my life. After my sister and I did some studies on living with RA, I had decided to go gluten free, sodium free, sugar free, no acid, no dairy, no red meat,. Needless to say I cut a whole lot of food from my diet just to live at ease with RA, since Doctors suggest that there is no cure. Which brings me to my visit to the homeopathic Dr. who prescribed me herbs that 96% did the job, but how could i possibly know that i’m nearly healed with “thyroid cancer” popping up on me during this period. Who knows it may have already existed but we we’re just now discovering thats what i had as well. So I go through sugery, get my thyroid removed completely and I ask my Rhuematologist afterwards, could i come off of the RA meds to see if i feel any different and he states “Thyroid has nothing to do with RA”. So within a period of about 5 months I ran out of one of my RA medicines and there was no refill until i visited the Dr. again, so I have not taken any of my meds except for thyroid in about a month and i have absolutely NO PAIN anywhere throughout my body except for my hands and dizziness in my head constantly! Can you believe it! I could have stay on these meds as the doctor ordered and ended my life a lot sooner…whew!! Thank God for JESUS!!! So I am writing you to find out how to how do you communicate with patients that are not local to assist them in their up keep overall good health. I would like to stay in contact with you and share with you some different experiences that I face as well as people around me. Thank you DR. Daniels for all that you do.

  20. Hello Dr Daniels, I am 4 months pregnant and have a large uterine fibroid, its painful and I have gotten no positive feedbacks about the survival of the baby, can you please give me some advice as to how I can shrink it. I know am limited as to the supplements I can take for it affects the baby.Thanks Syreeta

    • Ask your doctor if u can take 3x times daily : 80,000IU Serrapeptase,50mg GreenTeaextract,and 5mg Lycopene (normaly I would suggest Fibrovan but it has Nattokinase in it which I am not quite sure would be so good for the baby u can put the ingredients together this way using Serrapeptase instead,if u cant take Greentea extract, then leave it out and take Serrapeptase alone or with the Lycopene.

  21. My hat is off to you..I ran across you on you tube looking up turpentine..the funny thing is my mother use to give this to was a couple of drops in a spoon with sugar..I got my grandmothers nurse book out.. am 67..her book 1st 1906 in this for fever was..Stupes-Turpentine..Pour on a piece of flannel some very hot water; than wring the flannel dry in a towel and sprinkle with twenty to fifty drops of turpentine..another method is to add one quart of boiling water one teaspoonful of turpentine; into this immerse the flannel and wring dry in a towel..there is also a pine tea……..I believe like you that what is called cancer is a fungus………

  22. Hi Dr. Daniels,

    I was listening to a previous radio show called, “What Does Dr. Daniels Do When SHE Gets Sick”? You gave many antidotes for ailments you and your patients experienced as I enthusiastically took notes. Unfortunately sometimes you speak very very fast and don’t always give dosages. I listened with interest when you spoke about the mosquito attack on your ankle in Panama and you cured it with turpentine and vitality capsules. Please tell me, was the turpentine in this case taken internally or externally? Can you let us know dosage too? Thanks so much, I listen to all your programs and cleared my husbands bronchitis by rubbing turpentine onto his chest! Worked fast too.

  23. Dear Dr. Daniels, I have some information about turpentine and other natural remedies you might be interested in. Is this the vehicle to contact you or an email address? Let me know please. Thanks!

    • Leo,
      If you have valid information about turpentine and other natural remedies, you can feel free to post them here.


    • While you are correct that our website does not use SSL, I can assure you that when you click on an order link for any of our products, you will be redirected to a completely secure shopping cart, where you can safely order the Vitality Capsules. We do not store any of your personal information (other than your name and email address when you send comments like this one). No credit card data is ever stored or even passed through our website(s). We use an independent, and completely secure shopping cart service. Thank you for your interest in purchasing Vitality Capsules!

  24. I have been fighting ascaris for 7 years. Is there a different procedure for taking the candida cleaner for parasite infections? After taking the turpentine/sugar combination for four days then twice a week until symptoms clear…. The never ending cycle of the ascaris parasite seems to never let up! Should I increase dose to three times a week? Feeling never ending cold symptoms with chronic allergies and constant cough and digestive issues….. Thanks for your help!!

    • @Loretta Wise,if u are seriously expecting that u can rid of Ascaris in four days,then u have to wake up fast,the minimum would be 4 weeks,every day (morning before eating)at least one half of a teaspoon and then take a break for about a week and then repeat the 4 weeks and take break and repeat this cycle at least for a year.Change your sheets & towels and underwear every day,wash on 203°F(95°C) cycle. Use your 3% H2O2 for your hands. If u are living with family and pets,they will have to do the cleanse too,otherwise u will never get rid of them. Hope this helps u some.

  25. Dr. husband listens to you every Sunday evening…..Would you PLEASE express how important it is to drink water…not just 6oz a day, but all day. He drinks a cup of coffee, maybe 2 and probably 2 big glasses of milk in the evening, sometimes raw…..but his urine is very dark in the mornings and during the day….he won’t listen to ME……Would greatly appreciate just 5 minutes on how important water is….he does listen to you and does things you suggest ~

    Thank You for Caring about People…So REFRESHING from a Dr. that cares ~

  26. Dr Daniels,
    My sister has just been diagnosed with a VRE infection… She just had major surgery on her neck they replaced 6 vertebrae and is in the hospiital recovering…. Is VRE a form of candida and is it possible that the turpentine protocol would help her??
    Thank you so much for any help you can give us..

  27. Up-date \ My last comments were three months into my use of turpentine . Say what a differince it has made . My side porfile is the old me 30 years ago , heart rate ,blood pressure , sleep , everthing has improved . I still tave my two te spoon as my primer . My thing is take it at early morning 2 or 3 oclock , then I go back to bed , wake about same time 6:30 or 7 .By then my lower tract is ready to clean out , after an hour or so I am readyto start my day . I do have some strange event to report . My orignal can of turpentine fortunately was a good batch and my experience was great . however . My second can was a very diffrent story . And woldnt you know it I had invited some friends to try some . The experience was not that terrible , and only I noticed it . My head was fuzzy, light , and I was easily irritated . I was beside myself and could not reason what . My orignal purchase was in Arizona- Home Depo . So I returned to the same store and re-purchased there . Good results thankfuly . So one bad batch dont bother me . The benefits are worth it . Thank You Doctor Daniels Thank You.

  28. Hello Dr.
    My mom has a brain tumor and has outlived her death sentence by a month now. On heavy steroids and cannibus thc oil. As a last ditch effort, any thoughts or directions you’d personally try? Turpentine protocol? I’m on it and feel great! Second day

  29. BLESSINGS DR.Daniels,

    I have listened to a few of your videos on you tube and couldn’t appreciate your honesty and expertise more:) Thank You for sharing your knowledge with us. Now with that being said … I have some questions in regards to some health matters that I am pretty clueless on. I have done a lot of my own research in regards to holistic healing for many illnesses and diseases and have found great results in many people. But when it comes to an Arachnoid Cyst on the brain I am lost. If you could please help me out on knowing more about this, I would appreciate it VERY much & I understand you probably recieve countless emails and are a very busy woman. But if you could shed some light on thus matter some how, I would GREATLY appreciate it:)

  30. Dear Dr. Daniels,
    I suffer from strange symtoms like spitting completlely white, foamy saliva, very low weight – 42kg, hair loss, psoriasis… I attribute it to candida. I have been trying to cure myself for a year but nothing has alliviated my situation – diet, anti-candida products…
    I was just wondering – does your turpentine+sugar protocol also adress the biofilms? I am sure that I have the fungal embedded in my tissues and hidden under the biofilm, otherwise I can’t understand why I haven’t improved a slightest bit since my dramatic dietary changes.
    Thank you very much,
    Marika Vidrová

  31. Hi dr Daniels I hope you can advise as I’m getting very low with my health issues, made harder by the fact I’ve become a single mum at 50 and unable to do the things I would like to with my daughter. About year ago I hit a low point with arthritis in foot with spurs. Had to move out my property, I then experienced electric shock and cramping through my body. Doctors said I had anxiety, but it was the symptoms giving me anxiety , they X-Ray my lower back as I had severe pulling pain in that area through to my bottom, diagnosed arthiritis. Apparently hitting the nerves have a feeling as if a melon wants to come out my bum , they say it’s hitting my nerves. They gave me pregabalin . But I have weaned off of this eat fern tend foods and no grains bread cake ect.have also used the turpentine 8 days, did have rice like worms only saw one moving rest seem to be dead, make my own multi mineral and take gelatin… Gratitude for any advice you give me

  32. Hello Jennifer. I just started following your program and you rock!!!! However, what happened to the stronger caps that you said you would have in stock? I am ready to order and I can’t find them. Can you let me know where they are. Jenice wants them also.

  33. Ok this will be my last coment on turpentine Last two enterys were of extraordinary results. My two teaspoon primer was my dose. Started out slow, But slow wasnt getting it. No suger cube for me please, pass me the bottel. So it started cleanesing top to bottom.The parrasits and worms was my goal, but I got way more than I had expected. Upper intestins were first, Large ringlets of coating started to pass.That was Feb. 2015, two teaspoon primer. Then Just like working down the latter,Apr.2015 small intestine evidance passed .All this time I am dropping 20 pounds, lost a bloated look of vary large belly. Like pealing an onion, sluge, fat, Buggs and worms. Also 20 years easy gone. Today my use with two teaspoon primer a gritty like maby almost like coffee grounds, and quite a bit. I susepct bail ducks. Especially how good it feels down their, not that it hurt befor, but just feels fantastic. Its like the grand faunally. But im not done with pine oil its the cleaning machine for my body. What I find is that people are so scared of using it.=| P O I S O N |= Even when they see for their own eyes. Dr. Jennifer Daniels. Words cant describe you. Beyond Love, Beyond Strength and Courage. I took the liberty of giving you a hug, Hope you felt it.

  34. Dear Dr. Daniels, Or Anyone who knows the question:

    Would you know any online shop that sells 100% pure natural Gum Turpentine in Europe?

    Thank you for all your work.

  35. Hi. Dr. Daniels,

    I learned about turpentine from you! Thank you!
    I have a question: how do you compare turpentine with MMS?

    Best regards,

  36. Hello Dr.Daniels my question is do turpentine get rid of keloid I have one on my stomach under or near my breast it’s very painful and burn sometime itch please respond.Thank You.

  37. Thanks for your great work.
    I am a woman of 67 I have been diagnosed with a hiatus hernia
    I like to know if the candida protocol is good

    Thanks so much

  38. I am very confused, Yesterday when I listened to Patrick T. Dr Daniels talked about 1 TBS. of turpentine with one quarter cup of castor oil, today I read 3 cubes of sugar and 1 tsp of turpentine to cleanse. Which is correct. Thank You

  39. Hi Dr. Daniels, YOU ARE AMAZING!!! I really, really, REALLY, wish you lived in INDIANA. My 4-yr-old, has/had a rash covering her entire body, red and itchy, then the red and inflammation seemed to disappear, but the bumps seem to reoccur, depending on what she eats or maybe puts on, I NEED A LOT of help regarding allergies natural healing and remedies…..I read the candida healer, I would love to give it to her, I just don’t know exactly how to do it at her age, not too sure at my age, of how to exactly administer this radical therapy.

    DO you have any videos or readings and writings about allergies?

    Thank you and ASAP financially, I want 1 on 1 session with you for me and my two daughters.

    Lois Dunlop

  40. Hello! Can you give Vit. C IV’s? Can you prescribe oxygen in the place where you are? (I’ve talked to someone who recommended you from the country where you are.) Do you understand multiple chemical sensitivities? Can you work in the hospitals there? Please send me an email.Thanks..

    • No, Dr Daniels do not administer Vitamin C IV or prescribe oxygen. Yes, Dr Daniels do understand multiple chemical sensitivities and have helped people with this condition. No, Dr Daniels do not have Hospital privileges or association with hospitals.

  41. Dear Dr. Daniels,

    I went to Sanoviv Hospital in Mexico for three weeks after getting parasites in the brain and it helped me some but I still have flukes and some other parasites in my body and have been told by you that taking turpentine would only drive them deeper into my body. Now I am on Clarkia herbal essence, Lugol’s iodine, and I have colloidal silver as well, but hesitate to take too many of these things at once. I am wondering if fasting is my only recourse to finally get rid of the flukes and other parasites, because I have been seriously trying for two years, and they almost took my life. I got them parasites in India forty years ago and they are still with me, after trying almost everything!! I want to continue to live and serve but I wonder if there is anything on earth that will work. I tried the typical pharmaceuticals, biltricide and ivermectin, over and over, but had to give up on those as they always came back and those drugs are so toxic. Any ideas?

    Thank you, Mirra Rose P. S. I also have arthritis and am 65 years old

  42. I am interested in receiving a hard copy of ‘The Lethal Dose (Murder By Medicine is No Accident Book 1 and II). I have the e-book, but I would love to purchase a hard copy to share with a friend. Is this possible? Please provide details on how to purchase.

  43. Hello Dr. Daniels,

    I have chronic kidney disease and am on the way to renal failure. I also have type 2 diabetes. Do you have advice that could prolong my kidney function? I read the agreement which states there are no refunds for discovery sessions, so I didn’t want to spend the money if there is no help for me. Thank you in advance for responding to my concerns.

  44. Dr Daniels, Thank you for all the work you do. I am following your terpentine protocol in hopes that it may help my fibromyalgia. I have terrible pain in my hips and hands and my feet are always asleep. I did notice that the faint eczema behind my ear seems to be a little worse… could that be die off? Any input on fibro would be greatly appreciated..

  45. I am planning to start the turpentine protocol soon. I plan to buy the vitality capsules. I am wondering if I should start doing it twice per week? Or should I do it for 4 days in a row? I have not been diagnosed with candida but have been on antibiotics over the course of my almost 60 years lifespan.
    Thank you so much for all you do.


    Lori Dubeau RN

  46. I have 3 fibroid the large is centimeters the other is 3 and 2 cm. Can you recommend nutrition and supplements to shrink this fibroid s ?
    I don’t want to have the hysterectomy that my Dr. already recommended.
    Thank you. Maria Valdes

  47. Dr Daniels…thank you for your service and tremendous integrity. I heard your response to my email on Patrick Timpone’s show with you yesterday 10-20-15 about my Kidney failing and malnutrition and appreciate the response to it,but you did not address the malnutrition issue at all.You mentioned to go on your site (which I am) and go for the 1on1 session.I would love to have a session with you,but the $350 cost is way over my budget especially since am so debilitated from all the health issues am dealing with for years and just a small pittance(living below poverty) to live off of and am very concerned because the wasting of my body is progressing much quicker now,and been diagnosed almost 15 years ago with Osteoporosis too.Am approx. 87lbs and not much muscle anymore,plus this fatigue too much of the time too.Am so impressed with the Turpentine Protocol you offer, was finally able to get Fungus under Control after too many years of hell with that too. Dr Daniels please forgive my asking this,but will you please help me, I would be more than grateful.I believe I can get well with your help.Perhaps we can find a more creative way you can be compensated,and get what you need as well….. It’s feeling like you’re my last hope… have a lot of faith in your approach to health & healing especially.
    bless you,

  48. Hello, when I was in Canada I was taking turpentine for parasites. I was taking it off & on for 1 month
    However, I feel it was not long enough. I am now in Thailand and I cannot find turpentine here. I was told about Borax (good stuff) it kills parasites & helps with sore joints etc
    It is a form of boron and many people swear by it .

    What are your thoughts on this? Have you heard of this?
    Do you think it’s ok to take until I return to Canada (which won’t be til another 6 months)

    Thank you for considering my email


  49. Hi, I am a guy who is 56 yo and was in the hospital for Cat Scratch Fever for 2.5 days on drip anti-biotics and after the hospital they put me on 3 separate runs of antibiotics. Now I have been having other issues since. I am having a problem with red spots appearing on my arms and itching in the creases of my arms and legs and tops of feet. I have been pretty healthy most of my life and doctors I have gone to know NOTHING!! I don’t even want to get into all the crap I have gone through with them. What can you recommend to detox kidneys and adrenals? I was told that I need to do a cleanse to get kidneys back up to health.

  50. Doc Daniels i meant what i said in chat. if ya wanna check afgentina i can help. i got several ranches and like to help whats in my capability. if ya wanna visit, please give a 3 days notice and my pilot picks ya up and flies ya to my ranch from Buenos aires. is like a 1.5 hour flightt.
    my contact website is

    hope to hear from you doc

  51. Dr. Daniels, I have taken the turpentine for over a year now and have had great success, weight addjustment. Not weight loss. And my body is healing itself. My comments are to first off thank you so much. I had a type of worm that was designed for my family. May sound strange but its must be true. All the males in my family had the same beer belly , looks like your 9 months. Some comments were when are you going to drop that cow. Well after my two teaspone dose, I call my primer. I look 10 to 15 years younger and feel it. Funny thing is the rest of the family still say you can take that poison if you want to. And ya they still havent droped there cows yet.{Not to mention the parasites} , thats anther thing that happend. I had parasites lodging in the bace of my neck ,and I allways had a crick in my neck. I thought it was a vertebrae displaced Until they came out the back of my neck. But it makes sence , lower in the body they just bore into the flow and pass. But high they exit where its the closest spot. Now I have full range turning my neck, and no crick. The joy of all the people you help be yours Dr. Daniels. Your a Champion to peoples Medicine. We Love You. We just Love You.

  52. Dear Dr. Daniels I am in Ghana suffering with yeast my tongue is coated with a thick coat of white one of my breast is hard swollen with small discharge And very painful I need some help to get rid of of it do you know someone in Ghana to assist I got the turpentine

  53. Dr. Daniels,
    Listening to you radio show recording from nearly a year ago, I did not hear anything concerning how your turpentine miracle oil may reacts with other medications, if at all. I took a few drops on top of a teaspoon of granulated sugar as a child (now 59 years old). Right now I’m taking prescription drugs for hypothyroidism, epilepsy, GERD, arthritis, hypertension, and high cholesterol. However, the past month my body has started to itch for some reason with no visible sign of rash and I noticed that my bowel function has nearly come to a halt. Listening to you, that’s probably my problem. When I do, I have to sit on the stool for a very long time until my inners decide that something wants to move southward, with much lower abdominal cramping. I just don’t know what happened. After I’ve managed to get the bowel moving again, in spite of all the prescription drugs I’m taking, is it safe for me to take the turpentine sugar cubes? This is really my only questions.

  54. Hello Dr. Daniels,
    Is there a natural way to stimulate testosterone production in your body? What do you think about taking bio-identical hormones? if you have a talk on it already let me know. Thanks for your vitality capsules. I think they are the best thing out there.

  55. Dear Dr Daniels,
    I contacted you once before but i may have not received your reply due to my computer knowledge. My son is a welder and has knee problems. His present doctor wants to do the prolo therapy on him tomorrow but my son has read it is not good. Do you have any
    knowledge concerning prolo therapy? I have been taking feed grade sulphur for a few days, will it hurt me? Thank you for all the knowledge you share.


    Jean dunbar

  56. Dr. Daniels,

    I just found out about you to today because a friend of mine posted online a show you did regarding turpentine. Do you know of anything that will get rid of and cure herpes simplex 2?

  57. Dr. Daniels, I so very much appreciate your research on turpentine. I have a couple of questions regarding the candida cleanse.
    When you state to use a teaspoon on 3 sugar cubes as a dose, are you referring to a measuring teaspoon or a spoon that is used to stir tea? I am almost up to a measuring half teaspoon, which would be equivalent to a spoon used to stir tea. I am trying to gradually increase dosage but am having some Herx. Right now, I am using 48 drops (almost half measuring tsp) on two sugar cubes every other day. Does this sound right? I am trying to gauge the sugar cube amount to the amount of turpentine used as I do not wish to feed the candida by using too much sugar.
    Thank you very much.

  58. Hello Dr. Daniels, I have stage 4 renal failure and would like alternative medicine advice about my condition. I currently have high blood pressure and low energy. I do not want to do a kidney transplant or dialysis, however, I am being told that is my only alternatives. Please help. What can I do naturally to attempt to turn this around? Glo

  59. Thank God for the internet, John Stadtmiller’s Republic Broadcasting Network, and for YOU! On one of your upcoming Sunday shows @ RBN, it would be appreciated if you could devote a few moments detailing palliative measures & maintenance of immune systems for people with scleroderma – the less serious type that acts externally, not on the innards – for my neighbor who’s got that affliction, and is not likely to get info from any source other than an allopath. Also, just a tip…I think a piece of music you might like to use during the mid-breaks on your show(s) is a Procol Harum song called “Robert’s Box” from their album “Grand Hotel” (Chrysalis Records, 1973). Give a listen, see if you like. Seems to me to be quite complementary with your other bumper tune. Okay, bye for now, and thanx…Jas

  60. Hello, Dr. Daniels,
    I recently asked a question about a doctor performing an on the spot adoption at birth. As you are quite thorough with your analysis on various topics, please review simple link this at your discretion as the medical profession with it’s licensing and regulatory system seems to revolve around this matrix as well. It would be well worth your time to do so. Thank you for your consideration.

    “Hidden in Plain Sight, Seeing the Real Matrix ”

  61. Dear Dr. Daniel,

    I read rave reviews about you on where I’ve been a faithful reader for 3 years!

    Would you please point me in the direction of your candida protocol? I’ve had it for decades and most recently became allergic to gluten that resulted in dropping to 90 pounds. There’s also sensitivity to smoke, perfumes, practically everything.

    A new acupuncturist believes 15 sessions and herbs will take care of it (The friend who referred him said she did the same protocol a couple years ago and continues with the candida diet, Agrumax – a citrus seed extract/fungus killer and monthly acupuncture).

    Another friend recommended Rife. I would love to get rid of the candida once and for all. Any suggestions you may have would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks, gg

  62. Dr. Daniels-

    I have a question. I begin to use your remedy concerning Spirit Gum Turpentine, however, after about two weeks on it, drinking lots of water and using colonics to clean out, my back/kidneys really started to hurt so I layed off of it.

    What I want to know is if whether or not I have harmed my kidneys at all, or will this pass with time? Thank you for your help and prompt response.


    Jon B.

  63. Dr. Daniels-

    Is it okay to take the turpentine with other prescription medication/drugs? Please let me know asap at your earliest convenience, as there are many others interested in your great work and also in purchases some merchandise from you. Thank you so very much!



  64. I was in the hospital for almost a month with Influenza and Pneumonia. Had lots of Ivs and blood drawn daily also had a pick line installed. So,after I get out of hospital and several days later I still have a vein in my right arm from wrist to elbow that is inflamed. Doc calls it phlebitis. Hurts like crazy. Anyone know what I can do to help with the pain and inflammation? I’ve tried hot compresses and heating patches. Nothing has worked so far! I was also told I had blod clots in my legs and have been put on a blood thinner.

  65. Hi Dr. Daniels, I didn’t see an exact list of what foods you can eat on your candida diet. Would you be able to send me an list of the foods that I can eat? Also, when I start feeling better are there certain foods that I can reintroduce into my diet. I want to maintain my healing but from what I can see from your diet it would be very tough to do long term.


    • Dear Rob,
      Dr Daniels responds to questions Monthly during her Monthly Office Hours. The next Office Hours will be on the second Thursday of this month, April 14th at 1:30pm Eastern time. Becoming a member is the best way to get your questions answered. Membership has benefits. Click below to become a member:

      If you would like information about working personally with Dr Daniels, click this link.

      Thank you,
      Special Assistant to Dr Jennifer Daniels

  66. Dr. Daniels,

    Two more questions. One, what about current medications that I am on. Will they interfere with the process? Two, are natural sweeteners like Truvia or Stevia allowed or do they also contribute to candida?

    Rob Ruckert

  67. i have tried to get the free copy of candida cleaner, it keeps saying i am already signed up– howevr, i cannot read the information– also does the turpentine protocol help wit copd,
    thank yah so much

  68. Hi Dr. Daniels, i have listened to your radio talk on fibroids and is intrigued by your natural approach. I have fibroids and would like to get rid of them naturally, please, i do want to know if taking the vitality capsules will help. Anxiously awaiting your reply.

  69. Dear Dr. Jennifer, Watching your story online brought rage up in me and caused tears to cover my face. What happened to you is beyond ugly and criminal, and is a STERLING example of what is wrong with America right now. I myself want to leave soon, as I also need a break. The fact that the medical community (health terrorists) wants to block people from having access to natural cures and remedies and also passing out false information and out and out lies makes me physically ill. No matter what they say or do, there is NO DISPUTING hundreds of years of healings and cures due to these tried and true remedies. The fact that someone like you, who has devoted her life to healing and helping others, can be put on a TERRORIST LIST and have her medical license revoked is beyond reprehensible! How can we as American citizens stand by and allow these things to happen? WE THE PEOPLE are the TRUE power here, and as far as I know, the government is here to SERVE US, not be a dictatorship of vile behavior and unfair treatment of it’s people. I am just sickened. Sickened. But I will tell you this: I have had a natural love and POWERFUL interest in these things since I was very young, and although I am an entertainer and an artist, this remains a HUGE part of my life and I help everyone around me who wants the help. I believe that parasites are the root of most illness and that once the body is rid of these disease causing creatures, health is restored. Your protocols make PERFECT sense to me and are music to my ears. I applaud and support you, and I will from now on be directing anyone who will listen to your website and to you. I would love to connect you with a friend who is one of a SMALL handful of people in the world who treats lymphedema specifically and is even working to change insurance and laws as to how people dealing with it are treated. He is also an instructor at the Swedish Institute, where they have named the treatment he created afer him. When I was with him, I actually worked in the office with the patients who wanted (most of them) on natural remedies to boost theri health so that their treatment was successful much faster and more powerfully. There is so much I want to say, but I will stop here, but just let me say, I am in your corner. I am so proud that you are in the world and still doing what you believe. Never stop, and always remember just how very special and important and NEEDED you are in this world today.

    • Dear Jeremy,

      Thank you so much for your comment. Dr Daniels always makes time reading these and she really appreciates it. Please continue to listen to her future Radio Shows.

      Thank you,
      Special Assistant to Dr Jennifer Daniels

  70. Greetings from Greece Dr Daniels. I came across you by accident, and I’m so glad I did. I have pretty much listened to and read much of your work.
    I have also come across some information by another practitioner that autism is actually cause by pathogens, mainly parasites, candida, baceria and viruses, that are distributed of course, through vaccinations. If these pathogens are cleared from the system, the autistic child may recover fully and there has been a success rate so far. The parasites are destroyed through diet and colonic cleansing with chlorine dioxide. I was wondering if turpentine and sugar would be a much faster, easier method without all the discomfort. What is your opinion on this? I have been very hopeful ever since I discovered you and your work (and thank you so so much for sharing with the world what you know about pure gum turps and sugar) since I have a nephew with autism.. Im not expecting miracles, but sometimes the solution is so simple…

    • Hi Vickie,

      Dr Daniels has cured children with Autism using Turpentine when Chlorine dioxide has failed. This is a tragic situation. It is not easy and does require dedicated parents.

      If your nephew’s parents would like to find out more about working with Dr Daniels, they can use this link.

      Dedicated to Your Healing,
      Special Assistant to Dr Daniels

  71. As a Traditional Healing Consultant and Massage Therapist in practice for 40 years, I have just recently become intrigued by the turpentine protocol. Part of how I practice is to try everything first….first do no harm…assess results and recommend or not. I do not find the protocol on your website and am wondering if I must glean the protocol as you speak of it from your u-tube videos, or is there somewhere I am not looking, where it is outlined. Thank you much for responding.

  72. Hi Dr. Daniels,

    I’m wondering if turpentine can be helpful in the treatment of Crohn’s, c. diff, and h. pylori?


  73. I have Morgellons and wondered if you have heard from anyone that has used sugar cubes with turpentine for this with good results.

  74. Hi dr Daniels
    Can you help me Im from South Africa.
    My Amalgams is out ….a for a few years.

    I want to start with the Turps…is there a spesific protocol for may be still have.. heavy metals.

  75. A friend of mine was impressed with what she read about you and your studies and just forwarded me your info
    I’m Nyk and I have a food store and I’m in the process of select great health food products for my store.Herb spices teas Need a little direction on great name brands, herbs etc to select.

    • Dear Nyk,

      Dr Daniels is having a 1 week retreat in Panama for people who want to learn how to heal others and the methods that she uses.

      Click here for more information about the next retreat.

      Healers in Panama

    • Dear Jenny,

      My name is Shalee. I am Dr Daniels’ assistant. Thank you very much for your email. The best way to address your concerns is a Discovery Session with Dr Daniels. A Discovery Session is your opportunity to share your concerns with Dr Daniels, explore solutions and learn about opportunities to work with Dr Daniels to address your concerns.

      Click this link to apply.

      Dr Daniels also responds to questions monthly during her Monthly Office Hours. The next Office Hours will be this coming Thursday, July 14th at 1:30pm Eastern time. Becoming a member is the best way to get your questions answered. Membership has benefits. Click below to become a member:

      Supporting Your Healing,

      Special Assistant to Dr Jennifer Daniels

  76. Hi Dr. Daniels,
    I’m taking turpentine and can feel the difference! I’m confused about dosing. Your protocol says to get the small sugar cubes and stack 3 of them, then pour on the turp. I end up with a puddle of turp at the bottom. To soak up 1 whole tsp, I need to use about 8 sugar cubes. People on your FB page said that I should do all 8 and eat the whole batch. I just want to make sure that is correct and that I’m not overdosing. I’ve taken it 3 or 4 times and have had no detox symptoms, but I stopped for about a week and feel awful.

    Also wondering if you know if turp can help with c. diff and h. pylori.

    Thank you for all your amazing work!


    • Dear Kristen,

      I had asked Dr Daniels about your concern and here is her response:

      Change to granulated sugar and yes, it does resolve h. Pylori and c diff.

      Thank you,
      Special Assistant to Dr Jennifer Daniels

  77. I understand that your turpentine can cure extra autism. Are you only using turpentine and mms? I would very much like to know if you have helps teens . We have don Andy cutler protcal and others but was wondering does the turp get to park items/medals and bacteria? We would to here from you . And if we could send videos of him . My husband and I have done turp and we feel good. But would love to get of diet (he east well changing to blood type.
    Your thoughts please

    • Dear Randi,

      Thank you for your email. Dr Daniels uses only turpentine and tapers off MMS. The best way to address your concerns is a Discovery Session with Dr Daniels.

      A Discovery Session is your opportunity to share your concerns with Dr Daniels, explore solutions and learn about opportunities to work with Dr Daniels to address your concerns.

      Click this link to apply.

      Supporting Your Healing,

      Special Assistant to Dr Jennifer Daniels

  78. Dr. Daniels, I want to be sure that this is your correct contact email address. My name is Phyllis Cochran and I live in Hopkins, South Carolina and I listen to many of your viedos on natural cures. I have many health issues and I’m interested in talking with you before trying some of these remedies. Please contact me at:

    Thanks Dr. Daniels

    • Hi Phyllis,
      My name is Shalee. I am Dr Daniels’ assistant. Thank you very much for your email. The best way to address your concerns is a Discovery Session with Dr Daniels.
      A Discovery Session is your opportunity to share your concerns with Dr Daniels, explore solutions and learn about opportunities to work with Dr Daniels to address your concerns.
      Click this link to apply.

      Supporting Your Healing,
      Special Assistant to Dr Jennifer Daniels

  79. Dear Dr Daniels.
    I found you on RBN and loved your invaluable and informative show.
    My husband was diagnosed with stage four nonhodgkins lymphoma and from that point our lives have been turned upside down.
    The medical orthodoxy has assaulted my husband’s body repeatedly as he submits to their every order.Chest X-ray, ultrasounds, CTscan, lymph node and bone marrow biopsies. pic-line, a barage of blood tests, prescription drugs ( this man never took a drug in his life). But, the worst was bearing witness to a nurse administering vile poisonous chemo in his veins.
    On the initial consult the oncologist tells us prednisone would have to be administered before chemo (Rituxin -protein from mice and human! Crazy!)
    I pleaded with him not to go through with this madness to no avail, This oncologist tells me not to concern ourselves with diet (let’s leave this office now).
    Upon leaving I told this sordid doctor “I love my husband and would go to the end of the earth to help him and I don’t agree with his protocol.
    Within the next two days, Rich (husband) gets a phone call to get to the hospital ASAP as his creatinine level is 1.9, bad for the kidneys as he had a kidney near his kidney. My understanding was it isn’t really such a concern but, that rather was a way to hoodwink him into the hospital to get the chemo into him.
    I believe he’s realizing now the hypocrisy of the orthodoxy. Especially upon discharge realizing how his body was so toxic he couldn’t be to close to anyone and had to flush twice upon urinating! We weren’t told he would be prescribed Neulasta, antivirals, antifungals, high blood pressure, allopurinol for Uric acid reduction, etc.
    The mexican drug cartel couldn’t sell as many drugs!
    Can you help or is it beyond hope?
    Toni Martino

  80. One of my friends shared this with me and I love it! Love it when people stand up to what’s obviously is wrong. A lot of patients know it but do not know what to do about it

  81. I live in New Zealand and have been unable to import any 100% Pure Gum Spirits of Turpentine. I read in your article that it is similar to the Tea Tree oil from Australia. Do you think that the tea tree oil would work for candida as well? And if yes would I use it the same way?

  82. Hi Doc Daniels!

    Thank you for being so brave and standing up to the CDC, FDA and pharma. Can you help me get rid of Morgellon’s ? Craziest condition I’ve ever seen.. Thank you. I’ve heard Diamond Gum spirits is good from the comments but checking what else..

    Thank you!

    • Dear Gina,

      Thank you so much for your comment. The best way to address your concern is a Discovery Session with Dr Daniels. A Discovery Session is your opportunity to share your concerns with Dr Daniels, explore solutions and learn about opportunities to work with Dr Daniels to address your concerns.

      Click this link to apply.

      Thank you,
      Special Assistant to Dr Jennifer Daniels

  83. Good afternoon!

    I just recently listened to an audiotape on Autism. At the end of the tape you kindly offered to email a copy to anyone who may request it.
    I inadvertently deleted it. I was so upset. I have taken your vitality capsules and they are wonderful. I have various autoimmune issues and I am interested in the turpentine protocol. I am a little confused as to how to go about it, but I should be able to figure it out by searching the internet.

    Thank you so much for freely sharing your amazing wealth of knowledge to heal those who desperately need healing. God bless you!

    Elaine in PA

  84. Shalom Dr!I deeply appreciate the work you do and am trying to spread the info far and wide.My question is turpentine safe for children, babies,nursing and pregnant wemon and if so what is the dosages?Thank you and The Most High bless you.

    • Thank you so much.

      In Dr Daniels experience, turpentine is safe for all but pregnant and nursing women. See the report at for specifics. Please share this link with others.

    • The next Office Hours is on September 8th. We only have 1 Office Hours every month and the August Office Hours was done back in August 11th.

  85. I just ordered three bottles of Extra Strength Vitality Capsules and am searching for instructions or directions in how to take these capsules, i.e. with food or with an empty stomach, morning or night, etc. Any information is appreciated. Thank you.


  86. Greetings ,

    Left a voice message regarding information about workshop in Panama for this September 2016. Any space available and what is the cost to attend.

    Kind Regards,
    Jennifer Major

  87. Dr. Daniels,

    Dr. Daniels, my question is, what do they mean a “die off”?

    The only reason I’m asking is because I did the turpentine & sugar three days straight. I took (1) sugar cube, on the second day I took (3) sugar cubes because I never felt anything on the first day. So, on the third day I took (3) sugar cubes again of course with the turpentine & again nothing happened. So I stopped because I wasn’t sure if I could be hurting myself. Please help to understand what might have happened. Thank you for all of your information which is so helpful.

    Also, I do I go about getting on the chat line with you & your other customers, please.

  88. Hello, been doing turnp, yet i been diagnosed with cancer in colon, had surgery , now in lung ps but pncologist says is not cancer yet he does not know why i have holes cavitations in lungs …so, i have breast implants and want to try kerosene, must i remove breast implants to do kerosene low doses or turnpentine at high doses? I must do something drastic fast, thank uou

    • Dear Mary,

      My name is Shalee and I am Dr Daniels’ Special Assistant.
      Dr Daniels would like to answer every email personally. Already she works long hours preparing for several radio shows each week, attending to her paying clients and developing new programs to educate people.

      For these reasons, Dr Daniels responds to questions monthly during her Monthly Office Hours. The next Office Hours will be on the second Thursday of next month, October 13th at 1:30pm Eastern time. Becoming a member is the best way to get your questions answered. Membership has benefits. Click below to become a member:

      If you would like information about working personally with Dr Daniels, click this link.

      Dedicated to Your Healing,
      Special Assistant to Dr Jennifer Daniels

  89. I have discovered I have a fungus under my bog toe, I think turpitinewill kill it, but I don’t know if I need to use a mixture , plainalso. on top of nail or under also. Any help would be appreciated. Thank yo.

    • Dear Mary,

      Thank you so much for your inquiry. Dr Daniels responds to questions monthly during her Monthly Office Hours. The next Office Hours will be this coming Thursday, September 8th at 1:30pm Eastern time. Becoming a member is the best way to get your questions answered. Membership has benefits. Click below to become a member:

      If you would like information about working personally with Dr Daniels, click this link.

      Dedicated to Your Healing,
      Special Assistant to Dr Jennifer Daniels

  90. Hello, I have recently moved to Boquete, Panama and heard about you and read your story and would love to see about getting an appt with you?! I am 38 years old and have been having severe pelvic pain, especially during ovulation and periods, extreme back pain, lost most of my hair and the list goes on…
    I have always been one to use natural remedies and eat healthy, and would like to find natural help here in Panama! thanks for any advice and help you can offer!

  91. Hi. I couldn’t see anywhere if you post internationally. Do you post to New Zealand? And if so what is the cost?


  92. Hello Dr. Daniels. I saw your video you are a wonderful woman. Ever since I heard that herpes I don’t even care anymore I just gave up. Where is there to live for. The person that gave me that I knew them and after they didn’t they stop talking to me . I just have a couple of questions. Do pure spirit gum turpentin get rid of herpes. Do sovereign sliver and dmso and mms get rid of herpes. There any other remdy or homemade throngs that get rid of herpes. There are people saying that get rid of herpes and other disease out there and some people are saying no. What get rid of herpes and other disease. There are people like the underground, bervin Jackson, dr Sadi, Jim humble and other people saying that they have oxygen therapy and other remedy. Are these people are scam or not. Is there a way to take something that your blood test be negative. I really need your help can you please help me. I hope that you can answer my questions or someone can.

    • Hi Scott,

      My name is Shalee. I am Dr Daniels’ assistant.The best way to address your concerns is a Discovery Session with Dr Daniels.

      A Discovery Session is your opportunity to share your concerns with Dr Daniels, explore solutions and learn about opportunities to work with Dr Daniels to address your concerns.

      Click this link to apply.

      Supporting Your Healing,

      Special Assistant to Dr Jennifer Daniels

  93. Dear Dr Jenifer Daniels:
    My husband a retired engineer, Professional Photographer and Writer and I are relocating to Panama. We already have our Permanent Resident card. We have visited both El Valle & Bouqette
    A family friend Martine Kassi Law, recommended thatwe get in contactwith you before coming to Panama. Please contact EUNICE L. CARTER, RN, MPA, BCHCA, CCDIS, ICD-I0 Consultant at:

  94. God’s blessings on all that you share in His service. I have diabetes and high blood pressure and currently have upper respiratory challenges. Have always had varicose vein in legs as did mom & grandmom.
    Mom died in 97th year last year with Parkinson / dementia. Grand mom died at 82 as a result of diabetes. My diabetes is mainly controlled with diet & 500 mg of Metformin am & pm. I am allergic to most High blood pressure medication. I limit salt and use himalayan pink crystal. Please tell me a natural remedy. Still learning in my 78th year because I have hope for better health. Thanks. Myrtle

    • Hi Myrtle,

      My name is Shalee. I am Dr Daniels’ assistant. Thank you very much for your email. The best way to address your concerns is a Discovery Session with Dr Daniels.

      A Discovery Session is your opportunity to share your concerns with Dr Daniels, explore solutions and learn about opportunities to work with Dr Daniels to address your concerns.

      Click this link to apply.

      Supporting Your Healing,

      Special Assistant to Dr Jennifer Daniels

  95. Dear Doctor Daniels How could I get a counsel from you online 1 time a month. And How Much would this cost. I am a 60 year old disabled veteran with Morgellons. I go to U of Michigan tomorrow for a follow up visit. I was admitted 3 weeks ago for 4 days and was diagnosed as Unknown Infection. I am taking antibiotics for now and I am only doing so as they help along with my Colloidal Silver . Maybe you can help me ? Are you still in Panama, Thanks patrick

  96. Hi,

    I had never heard of you until tonight. I saw something about you on Jon Rappoport’s FB page and I was interested in your story. I’m a holistic nutrition coach and I like to read up on diseases and docs who believe that you don’t necessarily need medicine and that the body can heal if people would get out of the way. Anyway, if you aren’t aware, you should talk to Dr. Frank Shallenberger.
    He healed many people in Africa who had Ebola with ozone. I just thought you’d find it interesting.

  97. Hi Doc

    My daughter has been to hell and back and we still are at a loss of what is happening to her, she is 6 years old and we have seen 50 Doctors atleast, we just came back from the States seeing one of Dr Klinghardts associates, she gave her antibiotics and herbs for 3 months and seemed to reduce her SIBO and constipation issues, she did also mention that she could have partial Lymes. She seemed very knowledgeable but now we are back to square one, my daughter has seizures, SIBO speech and walking problems, hair not growing and I could go on, we have to watch her food and give her enemas to go to toilet. My wife and I have sold our house and at the end of our rope, we need a miracle, we are very tired, I mentioned to Dr Dahlgren about the biofilms but she said should not have to add more with the combination of herbs and different antibiotics we are giving. I am currently in Malaysia seeing a Dr that specializes in heavy metals which we thought was her major problem, He does homeopathy and his conclusion with his antidotes is that she has Lymes, he studied in Germany and is very good but he has not treated much Lymes, he also had another Doctor who has a Russian frequency computer that is more specific and it identified Helmuths and pin worms, what I understand is that it Lymes is a parasitic infection. I am trying to stay cool and collected but its getting tough with all her bloating and non pooing. I know she can get better I feel it I sense it but this shit is stubborn and I am pissed. I believe that through all our course of action this disease is fighting back, she did have Giardia identified in her stools but we have done hundreds of stool tests and all come back negative to all parasites, why with the frequency machine it shows up! I am at a loss are these suckers hiding in Biofilm, when she was three I tried MMS and we did see lots of Mucous coming out but I stopped, I wish I didn’t as then I believed it was helping. I am thinking of going to Lyme people in Germany or going back to Australia or even going back to Dr Dahlgren, I don’t care if I end up broke but we need this bullshit gone, I need hope, I am reaching out for truths and I hope you can give me them, I don’t mind paying for your time or having a Skype session, if you can lead me in right direction or even if you think I should come to you I will do it, I would like to have peace of mind and let my kids stay in Australia but I don’t want to send my daughter to school half a person its not fair. Like I said and even DrDalgren said she is very close but we just can’t get rid of it. I was looking at a Dr in Germany I think his name is Dr Woitzel he uses a Photon device and Ozone, I am not sure if this is for her and also hyperthermia. I think now by reading this you can see I am losses but I am determined, if you have kids you will understand that just seeing your kids smile is enough to light up your day, I am longing for this to happen, not just for her but for me also, she does smile but I feel it is a struggle.
    What can you add to my situation, I am sick of going to Doctors I will be honest, I know she has bacteria issues Parasites and possible Lymes, I keep telling these Doctors Ok you believe all this and we have some evidence to show it but how do we treat it, Just like you I believe this crap is building a better defense so what to do now, stay put here in Malaysia using Homeopathy or what? I also forgot to add I am still concerned about my two year old who has Eczema and on the frequency machine showed the exact same worms and my wife who this Dr in Malaysia thinks has Lymes as well, my wife also got Bells Palsy when Paeton was born.
    Please help, maybe God is leading me hopefully to person that has some answers
    Desperate Dad

  98. Hello,
    I just found out about you and pure gum turps and am absolutely amazed. A friend of mine told me about you and here I am. I live in a small city in new zealand and unfortunately it is not easy to get a hold of however I am trying and will not give up till i do.
    I have a question – instead of using sugar is there another non-sugar alternative or is it best to use the sugar.
    Love your work and am utterly proud of you for not becoming another statistic of the medical world with most mainly there to fill their own pockets with dirty money from their puppet masters – the pharmaceutical industry!!!!!

    • Dear Melissa,

      It is best to use sugar or castor oil. Dr Daniels has a FREE report on turpentine that will answer most questions. You can download that report here

      Thank you,
      Special Assistant to Dr Jennifer Daniels

  99. i am curious your thoughts on progressive supranuclear palsy. my mother has been diagnosed and I’m finding it hard to accept that there is nothing we can do for her.

  100. My 59 year old partner has sores on his lower legs that do not heal. He has used different types of steroid creams and moisturizers to treat the sores. Upon doing some research, I initially thought that he was suffering from vericos eczema or some form of psoriasis, because the sores are only located on his lower legs hello the knees. But I have now changed my assumption as he also has some sores above the knees. Might you be able to give me some guidance regarding this condition? Thank you.

  101. How do I listen to the Sunday radio show of Dr Daniels? How do I get to the chat room during Tuesday radio show? Thank you, Jan

  102. Hello Dr. Daniels,

    I hope you are well.

    I recently purchased your product and would like to know if I would be able to take it while on the Master Cleanse.

    Please let me know if you would recommend doing so, thank you!



  103. Good evening
    Dr. Daniels,

    I’m wanting to purchase vitality capsules for my mother. Can vitality capsules and turpentine be taken with type 2 diabetes medication; metforming, lisinopril, and glipizide?
    Any helpful information is appreciated, I’m looking for an alternative for my mother.

    Thank you,

  104. Hi Dr. Daniels,

    Thank you for your amazing product.

    Do you have any recommendations on the best product for a Kidney Cleanse?



  105. Dr. Daniels,

    I was touched by the story you told on Patrick Tempone’s radio show last week about your husband’s death. I want you to know I’ve thought about what you said numerous times – especially about living with a person whose values are so very different than yours.

    You seem to have dealt with those differences very gracefully but I know you must have experienced some anguish as you watched your husband make choices that clearly lead to his demise. I place this story alongside the advice you gave in an earlier show that related to dealing with people who are still “asleep”. Your wisdom about the pursuit of happiness and the reality that some people seek that state of being by being rule followers and conformists. Very helpful to me as a holistic nurse and health consultant AND being “awake” amongst family and friends who are very much asleep. It’s okay.

    I rely on your very sharp mind to understand the current medical model and to then help those who come to me for consultation. I try to tune in to your shows every week. Please continue to speak out!

  106. Hello Dr Daniels,

    I have been.diagnosed with Crohn s disease and I dont want to.go to and start taking steroids. I was wondering.if turpentine could this case?

    • Dear Filipa,

      Yes. The best way to address your concerns is a Health Discovery Consultation with Dr Daniels. This is your opportunity to share your concerns with Dr Daniels, explore solutions and learn about opportunities to have Dr. Daniels create a health protocol for you to help you eliminate your health challenges once and for all.
      Here’s how you can apply for this consultation, click here —>

      Dr. Daniels health protocols are super effective, I am excited for you to experience the consultation and hope you get to work with her further. Your health depends on it.

      Supporting Your Healing,
      Special Assistant to Dr Jennifer Daniels

  107. Hello,
    I would like to talk with you about potentially becoming a patient of yours. At age 53, I have a number of issues going on and I am not sure where to start (metals, thyroid, neuro concerns, lyme). Is it possible that we could speak?

    I look forward to hearing from you.


    • Dear Lisa,
      Thank you for your inquiry.
      It would be my pleasure to set up a consultation with Dr. Daniels.

      Since these consultations are very popular and often get filled up fast, please schedule it right away.

      All you have to is click on this link to schedule and sign up

      Dr. Daniels health protocols are super effective, I am excited for you to experience the consultation and hope you get to work with her further. Your health depends on it.
      Let me know how it goes.

      Thank you,
      Special Assistant to Dr Jennifer Daniels

  108. Hello Dr Daniels,
    I am contacting you on behalf of a very dear friend whose very extreme health conditions I feel are too personal for me to be talking about here.
    I shouldn’t be talking for her anyway , I was just looking for your email address , so I could then pass it on.
    Dr this is a most extreme condition , my heart breaks just thinking about her turmoil.
    Also the above contact details are US based but I believe you reside outside of the States , and my friend really does need a private communication with yourself.
    Once you have spoken with this poor soul who I believe is amongst the most abused and suffering at the hands of a industry thriving on such atrocity , I feel that if her conditions are beyond your expertise you will be able to point her in the right direction for the best help possible.
    Do you have another more private email address I could pass on to my friend ? If you could reply to my email address I can immediately forward your reply to her. Thank you for your time Dr. With respect.
    Peter Hutchings.

    • Hi Peter,

      Thank you for your comment. Please check your email for my response.

      Supporting Your Healing,
      Special Assistant to Dr Jennifer Daniels

  109. We would like Dr Daniels to join us on our show Monday 3:30 PDT or on another show soon. We have been working on bringing out the truth about the Medical Industry also. So hope to hear from Dr. Daniels tomorrow or at her earliest convenience.

    Thank you,
    479 2262827

  110. I have a child with autism. He is 3 years old. I want to contact with you, and I want to know how much is the consultation? Thank you so much in advanced!

    • Dear Paula,

      Thank you for your comment. Please check your email since I sent a response there.

      Thank you,
      Special Assistant to Dr Jennifer Daniels

  111. Dr. Daniels:

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge of the USA medical industry. It is sad that most of our people have no idea how corrupt this system is. How do we change the standard of care that the doctors must use?

    I love your messages and will follow you on the radio and internet.

    Best Regards,

  112. Dear Dr. Daniels
    I have been following your turpentine protocol for a couple weeks now and getting some amazing and um.. shocking results. I am worried however that the turpentine may be killing off my beneficial bacteria in the process. I am finding very little discussion of this online. Do you know if turpentine has any negative effect on the gut flora? So far there seems to be very little solid evidence either way. Anyways, thank you for sharing all this empowering information. People like you remind me that there is a kind of grassroots health revolution happening now and it is coming into full bloom. It gives me faith in humanity’s future.
    All the best

  113. Hello Dr. Daniels, I have worked in carpet and flooring sales for 11 years and one of my customers recently told me about you. I thank you for your honesty and desire to really help and cure people. I did get t bottle of Diamond G turpentine and have started cautiously using it. I have Morphea on a large area of my right leg and have not had any relief from it growing larger over 5 1/2 years. I have been to 2 dermatologists, which I was loath to do, for they offered no help but only gave me 2 prescription creams and ointments that totals $550 for 2 4-6oz. tubes which burned my skin! A naturopath did a blood draw to determine food sensitivities and other issues. A change in diet did not help the Morphea. Do you have any test or trial results of turpentine helping or worsening Morphea? Any advise would be greatly appreciated! God bless you in your life and work helping others!!

  114. Hi I think going to your one week reatret to learn how to heal other people sounds interresting. Do you have some dates and prices? Is it in Panama, where?

    Best regards,

    Homeopath from Norway :)

  115. Dr Daniels, you are truly amazing and a great help. I have tried your vitality capsules and they work, however I also have pinworms in my nasal cavity and want to get rid of them. They cause me discomfort and I can’t take it any further.

    Please help

    • Dear Esh,

      Thank you for your comment. The best way to address your concern is a Health Discovery Consultation with Dr Daniels. This is your opportunity to share your concerns with Dr Daniels, explore solutions and learn about opportunities to have Dr. Daniels create a health protocol for you to help you eliminate your health challenges once and for all.
      Here’s how you can apply for this consultation, click here —>

      Dr. Daniels health protocols are super effective, I am excited for you to experience the consultation and hope you get to work with her further. Your health depends on it.

      Supporting Your Healing,
      Shalee (Special Assistant to Dr Jennifer Daniels)

  116. Dear Dr. Daniels: Need help. 70 yr old Black Female: Diabetic type 2 from years of steroid use; currently on maintenance dose of 10 mg for following issues. Diagnosis: Bronchial Asthma. Chronic Bronchitis. Sarcoidosis. Nodules on Bronchial tubes. Nodules on Thyroid; Goiter. Dr. recommends removal of Thyroid. Extreme fatugue all the time. Chronic allergies (indoor; dust, dustmites, animal dander, chemicals, etc.; outdoor; pollen, etc.) Allergic to dairy products). High Blood Pressure.

    Notice there are no comments since April 4, 2014. Is this site still open…

    Thank you for feedback.

    • Hi Evon,
      My name is Shalee. I am Dr Daniels’ Assistant. I am sorry to hear that things are not going well with your health. That’s never easy.
      The good news is that we are here to help.
      The best way to address your concerns is a Health Discovery Consultation with Dr Daniels. This is your opportunity to share your concerns with Dr Daniels, explore solutions and learn about opportunities to have Dr. Daniels create a health protocol for you to help you eliminate your health challenges once and for all.
      Here’s how you can apply for this consultation, click here —>

      Dr. Daniels health protocols are super effective, I am excited for you to experience the consultation and hope you get to work with her further. Your health depends on it.

      Supporting Your Healing,
      Shalee (Special Assistant to Dr Jennifer Daniels)

  117. Hello, Thanks for all your podcast! I heard you had a e book for turpentine users. Is this the same as your Candida Cleaner? I tried to click on it several times but it keeps saying “darn it” no page attached or something like that.

    How do I access your e book and/or candida cleaner, if the same

    thank you
    hope i hear back bc it seems from below you don’t answer people’s post


    • Dear Denise,

      Thank you for your comment. Yes, the Turpentine Protocol is the same as the Candida Cleaner. Please check your email since I had sent you a copy of the report.

      Thank you,
      Special Assistant to Dr Jennifer Daniels

  118. Hi Dr Daniels, I have ben trying to reach you on emails etc. I don’t know is this is the right site? I will be in Panama October 17-29th and wonder if we can schedule an appointment to see you. I have very low energy after an accident.
    Please respond so I know if you received this messsage.
    Best regards,
    Vivian Windvik from Norway

    • Dr Daniels sees one chemtrail every 3 years and has been in Panama for 8 years. Wish you the best on relocating.

  119. Hi Dr Daniels
    I am going to start on your protocol for candida. I am very excited about starting as I have been on many candida cleanses over the years mainly Oregano Oil and have just finished a course of Nystatin. Since November 2016 I have been having major nausea and reflux issues. Everything I eat makes me sick and I continually have this sweet heat coming up the back of my throat which adds to the nausea. It started around the time I started working in a very old building which has an old bank vault for storage and it used to take my breath away due to the mouldy smell. I suffer from Complex PTSD, anxiety, depression,adrenal issues and have had half my thyroid out. I am on antidepressants, all the vitamins that you recommend, Natural Dessicated Thyroid, Natural HRT. I read in your email thatI can continue to take my meds during the 5 stages. I was thinking though that I may stop taking them while taking the turpentine…would love to hear your thoughts on that though.
    Many kind regards
    Debra Nisbet

    • Dear Debra,
      Thank you for your comment. The best way to address your concerns is a Health Discovery Consultation with Dr Daniels. This is your opportunity to share your concerns with Dr Daniels, explore solutions and learn about opportunities to have Dr. Daniels create a health protocol for you to help you eliminate your health challenges once and for all.
      Here’s how you can apply for this consultation, click here —>

      Thank you,
      Special Assistant to Dr Jennifer Daniels

    • Dear Troy,
      May I know what book are you referring to?

      Thank you,
      Special Assistant to Dr Jennifer Daniels

  120. Hello Dr. Daniels. I am Roger Landry and you did a TLBTV show with me in late 2015. I republished the show today and would like to know if you would like to guest on my show again to update our audience on what has transpired since your last appearance with us. You would be very welcomed !!!

  121. Hi Dr Daniels,

    I have suffered from a non specific autoimmune condition for 20 years now. Bowel issues (bloating, bleeding, intestinal pain) , crippling joint pain (acute inflammation and continual malaise) and more recently a range of head issues (balance, dizziness, lightheadedness, brain fog)

    I have literally tried everything. Alternative and allopathic.

    Finally in January this was diagnosed as Fibromyalgia. After some more research myself I have realised that I have Fluoroquinolone poisoning and my body is intoxicated with fluoride.

    Do you have experience working with patients with Fluoroquinolone poisoning? I am following the protocols at Floxie Help website and I have tried the turpentine probably about 10 times now. The first 3 times I ejected 15 rope worms about a foot long. However my condition feels exactly the same with no improvement.


  122. Hi dr Daniels, I will be visiting Panama October 16-28th. Do you have an opening in your practise so I could see you. I have some energy issues after some stressful events in my life. Would be very grateful if you do:)

    Best regards
    Vivian Windvik :)