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5 thoughts on “Healing with Dr. Daniels – Deadly Drug Trials Produce Deadly Drugs

    • Millions of people with well managed blood sugar have never taken Metformin. Type 2 diabetes is not a disease, it is a symptom. The key is to uncover the cause and fix it, not mask the warning signs with a toxic drug.

      Type 2 diabetes is often caused by inflammation in the body. Go on a plant based diet with clean water and that problem will vanish.

      My mother did it, and the doctors actually had to admit it and take her off Metformin.

  1. Dr D it’s Travis from Panama I’m now in the states how’s life and the big guy trying to contact your spouse.

  2. I’ve ordered the email reports and will read them. What other places might I go for more info on how to use turpentine topically for nails or skin conditions.