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Vitality Capsules

Vitality Capsules are made of whole herbs packed in Veggie-Caps.

They gently and effectively cleanse the body of harmful substances that can cause symptoms associated with premature aging. Each bottle contains 90 capsules.

The Doctor is IN

Get answers to your questions and concerns about healing naturally. The group format allows you to learn from the questions of others as you address your immediate concerns.
Increase your healing freedom and effectiveness. For $49.95 a month. Dr. Daniels on Call monthly at this price. A valuable opportunity to take your healing to the next level.

Discovery Session

Feeling Stuck and Frustrated with Health Therapies?

Discover how to make your HEALING Spontaneous so you can easily get the level of health you want, even while you sleep…

The Lethal Dose

This is a riveting book for anyone who wants to know how safe their medical care really is. If you have been harmed or unimproved by medical therapies, you will be enlightened and relieved by the straightforward answers in this book. Dr Daniels clearly explains how Board Certified Doctors who are following the Standard of Care, killed 759,766 patients in the United States in 2011. She reveals her observation of medical harm during her years of medical education, Family Practice Residency Training and Community Medicine practice. Dr Daniels’ refusal to participate in the killing of patients was the basis of her evolving interest in Alternative Therapies. Dr Daniels’ triumph in embracing the concept of Holistic Health led her to focus on reducing drug violence as part of improving the health of the community where her medical practice was located. This is a real eye opener. Her medical practice was jeopardized when she foiled a 30 million dollar bank heist. You will have to read the book to get the rest of that story.

Dr Daniels’ 30 year journey of developing Natural Healing wisdom and know-how is a gripping read with humor adventure and revelations. Before you even think of keeping another medical appointment, read this. Dr Daniels shares her experience with immunizations, antibiotics and blood thinners to name a few. The detailed and lively examples make this a must-read. Dr Daniels even includes a guide to powerful Natural remedies that allowed her to stop using antibiotics in her medical practice once she observed how ineffective they were. A real page-turner that could save your life. Find out why your doctor is prescribing the Lethal Dose.

Do you have the Guts to be Beautiful?

Dr Daniels’ ground breaking revelation of the connection between beauty and diet, as well as easy natural ways to bridge the gap between what you know you should do and what you actually do. After applying even a few suggestions in this book, your friends and family will see the difference in days.

Recipes for Healing

These are four cookbooks, written by Dr. Jennifer Daniels, and she tells us that if the recipe didn’t get two thumbs up from her children, it didn’t make it into the book. Look for the package deal for all four ebooks!

Candida Cleaner Report

Opt-in and receive the world-famous Candida Cleaner report by Dr. Jennifer Daniels! Dr. Daniels has done extensive research to uncover the missing steps to heal candida. This is an opportunity to get this report (which sold for as much as $800.00) today, for free!

Remedies so Powerful, they could make Antibiotics Obsolete

Dr. Daniels’ patients paid thousands of dollars for the information in this report. It is her gift to you when you sign up for her newsletter.