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2 thoughts on “Healing with Dr. Daniels –Why Are They Testing

  1. Last year I had received my blood test back and noticed a comment on the A1c saying borderline diabetic with great control or something like that and that sent red flags to my brain that they are watching me. Every other thing tested for was in the normal range except my B12 and red blood cells, I was drinking vodka every night but, not eating anything with sugar and using stevia as my only sweetener. I use only fresh organic everything make my own yogurt and kefir am learning how to can and ferment food bc., I don’t trust them! I watched my father die with a suitcase of meds. I was bitten by a tick 50 years ago which brought me to you. I am doing the salt c protocol for it and yesterday bought turpentine as I just discovered rope worms are associated with lyme (doesn’t taste bad) and I tried to buy a reusable enema bag to start doing coffee enemas and couldn’t get one in CVS or Right Aide that freaked me out thinking government conspiracy. I did how ever order one on Amazon which should arrive next Wednesday. I started taking kudzu and the salt c together with a ton of other things like milk thistle and I just stopped drinking the vodka. After my last blood test I don’t want to do them anymore, I know my body and I’m doing just fine without the doctors that never listen to me! I don’t even want health insurance and now its mandatory to pay for it. If people had a half a brain they would listen to people like you and use google to educate themselves!